As raw as I can be… I’ll just keep on writing this post. not editing or rephrasing anything.

Currently it is around 12:37 pm And Rockabye is on MTV(TV is on).

I’m moving around making small dance moves while writing this..

Anyways, I have changed. 

Mentally and emotionally. 

I think it is a part of maturing but I became more aware of myself; my thoughts and feelings. I have build a sensor that filters them. because I believe for a fact that there are some thoughts I shouldn’t let them wander in my head.

As well as for emotions, some feelings aren’t worthy of letting them manipulate me.

I think it led me to having control over myself which means peace of mind….and heart.

Trying to control the present or design my future when it’s not here yet.. made me such an anxious person.

What you seek is seeking you #Rumi

I strongly believe in this.. Whatever that you think of you become. So take good care of your mind or else it will control you.. I promise ….

with time you’ll end up being a prisoner of your own thoughts.

I started breathing slowly in… out. It is like whatever is meant for me; will be.. So why stress about it?

Taking time to realize what you have actually got instead of what you don’t have…. will turn you into a grateful person…

If you have roof on top of your head, food on the table and at least one person that cares about you.. you’re richer than you think.

It has nothing to do with money… having a peace of mind relies on your sense of acceptance that you already have everything you need.

I think what’s written for me will always be better than what I hope for myself.

Having a clear intention and a pure heart will be a magnet for good things..

A lot of things have changed the moment I shifted my mindset.


  1. At the end of the day I write down what I am grateful for.
  2. I take things slowly, not rushing into anything.
  3. I’m letting things flow. whether into my life or out of it.
  4. I stopped clinging on things or people.
  5. I know I can if I ever want to( It is just a matter of >> if there is a will there is a way<<
  6. Affirmations…. Repeat them until you believe them!
  7. I stopped creating scenes of how things should happen when they didn’t.. I take things simply as they are... I Stopped creating scenes on  what should have happened, or could be.. And simply living in the moment because (Carpe Diem)
  8. I try to use TIME as much as I can.. Enough wasting it sleeping or doing things that drain me out.. ((Time is the only thing that you can’t get back))
  9. Surrounded myself with people with good energy,,. I have cut of those that pulls good vibes out of me..
  10. Because I am surrounded by those who understand me well, I stopped trying to explain myself so hard to those who don’t..

I am simply being.. There is always room for improvements. 


What I am trying to say here is…

  • Stop being hard on yourself
  • Stop beating yourself over the past.. Or things you cannot change
  • If you cannot change some things,, change the way you think about them
  • Stop being a victim and take control
  • Excuses won’t take you anywhere
  • Life is as good as your mindset ( If you think you’re good enough or not)) You are both right….
  • Embrace change because it is a part of your journey.. You are not a tree remember?
  • Don’t be envious – celebrate other’s happiness and success.. They will not lessen yours…
  • Be a person of principles and beliefs that won’t change by the opinion of others.
  • The opinion of others should not define who you are.. So don’t let it get to you
  • Take care of yourself. And by that you should exercise more, drink more water… eat clean.. I promise it will change a lot of things  I tried it and I’m loving it.
  • Be appreciative and grateful and you’ll receive more
  • once you train yourself to see the good in everything (situations.. people..) You’ll feel good..

It is your job to make You happy… Nobody else’s…

Once you realize that and do all that necessary ( without hurting others) You’ll actually feel alive rather just only exist


I wrote a blog post a while back about loving yourself. If you’re interesting in reading that CLICK HERE


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