Your Own Style #Artistic


I received a question from a fellow #Instagrammer  about how to create our own style or have a sense of individuality.

The question goes like this:

“How to follow our own unique artistic side and get away from being just another copy of a certain photographer or artist in general?”


Ok first let me explain something, I see tons of coffee shots everywhere, everyday; Does that stop me from shooting them? Do I feel discouraged because there will always be another white mug on a bed photo somewhere?

Building your own style takes time. It also requires you to be consistent.

You need to define what is it that you are into at first.

For example if we’re talking photography.

I am always up for a simple neat minimal photo. Less is more, So I kinda built this style and it’s fun when I receive mentions from people letting me know that a certain photo reminded them of me… Because thats the style that I have built over the years.


Take time to know what is your best angle, number of subjects in a frame.. Lighting does matter as well. What are the things you love shooting? I mean I shoot a lot of things but I’m widely known for my coffee shots…

Writing? Consider what are the topics you’re writing about.

Develop your own style by walking in one path instead of writing about everything and anything… Because later on, when viewers or readers read about a certain topic that you’re used to writing about or using a certain way of writing; they will instantly link it(the work) to you. & when that happens it means that you have got your own style that people started to recognize it.

Being an artist(And I am not saying I am one ) – You have a feel.. And this sense of emotions should be put in your work. It does bring your work to life.

Don’t shoot for the sake of taking a photo. Or write because you think you have to...

Do it because you feel like it. You want to share certain emotions and that’s when you pour your heart into your work.. The sooner you connect your feelings/thoughts into your work. It will instantly have your sense or print…..


Almost everything has been done before, it  just wasn’t done by you and that’s the difference.

I’ve always done recreations in my snapchat. I’d show people a certain photo and I’d show them how I am inspired to create my own. You would think it’s the same but they’re completely different.

It is ok to be inspired by others but never copy paste their work.

Trust me it is fun to be called original and authentic than a copycat.


I’ll show you better than just writing you right?

This is a photo I found online(Pinterest)? ( I shared that on Snapchat as well)

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 2.04.58 PM.png

And this is my recreation of this photo. Or let’s say #InspiredBy

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 2.03.14 PM.png

Almost the same but not really.

You can always look around and feed your eye with different types of art. But whenever you want to create something, make sure you have your soul in it. After all you want your work to represent you. So make sure it matches what’s within you… 

Forget what everyone else is doing. Don’t do things just because it’s being done by everybody. Look around try new things to know exactly what makes you feel more YOU. it is ok to follow a path that’s not popular. It is ok to stand out alone with something unique; than being with everyone else but not recognized- individually

Most importantly; The field that you are in whether it was photography, painting, writing etc… Learn more about it, read about it. I always say -Learn the rules so you know how to break them.


Finally, Do not stress out

Give yourself time to figure what is it that you like and how you like it to be. And go on from there.


b82e6f12072a99f0c6b68e3347a14fcbbefd94c5c9a412d9931dd727d282899685257eabb207a1d683ece9b3b029af7fScreen Shot 2017-03-30 at 2.51.23 PM8458bf6f755876f0b71a039cd125037e





2 thoughts on “Your Own Style #Artistic

  1. I don’t set out to be different. I set out to be me. WOw… it touched me . Thanks for a wonderful piece of writing as always useful and motivational.

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  2. This was written so simply; so from the heart and ;so reached my heart ❤️ well done ! It’s always tempting to copy other photographers and forgetting to creat and share our own authentic vision ! Blessed day everyone 🌹✨

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