Inner Peace

“Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.” —Dalai Lama



Inspired by a friend of mine. I think a lot of us have a misconception about what love is. I am not saying I know all about it but I know what love is not. We will get into that in a while. Let's start off sweet and easy. I believe for a fact that love… Continue reading L.O.V.E

Next Chapter!

I needed a breather.... I am having coffee right; and took a photo of it(will be posting it after this blog post)) My phone is on silent so nothing will interrupt me while I am writing this right now.  Every phase of my life I refer to it as a chapter. I am on my… Continue reading Next Chapter!

The One With the iPhone Shots

When it comes to shooting/photography. I am a full believer that it's not all about the camera... It is mostly about who is behind it. I mean you could buy the most expensive camera out there but you still might not be able to take good quality photos; whereas you can have a cellphone aka an… Continue reading The One With the iPhone Shots

Be A Lotus Flower

  I read something the other day, I forgot the exact wording for it but it went something like this... If only we looked into each others souls..Our idea or definition of beauty will be so much different. Try to remember this the next time you meet someone new. Don't mind how they look, focus… Continue reading Be A Lotus Flower