I am always up for trying new #Mascara’s.

But I find myself always grabbing thin brushed mascara’s

My whole intention is to have a natural look. Anything but dramatic eyelashes. ( I’m a huge fan of the “no makeup-makeup” so imagine my picks…  hah!

>>Fan of nude lips, peachy cheeks and thin eyeliner. So only a good mascara can make the look complete..

I found out that those two have similar results except for the GOSH’s no limit lash~ one it adds more to the look than the Kiko’s.

GOSH no limit mascara claims that it volumize and gives you dramatic length.

Well, I have been trying it for a while now. It does give you a maximum volume. But not necessarily “dramatic” the reason I actually liked it.
It also define the lashes that they won’t look flaky.

Personally, I like KIKO summer 2.0 mascara.

  • It is lightweight
  • You can double coat and it will still look natural
  • Doesn’t clump
  • Gives you a fresh look

What is your favorite #Mascara? And why? 

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