Scheduling Your Blog Posts?

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 7.32.40 PMNow I know a lot of you will agree on this. Some may found an answer and others are still looking for something to solve this I’m not sure if I’d call it an issue though.

I want to be consistent when it comes to posting in the blog. Sometimes I find it hard to write something decent as I keep staring at the blank page for a while. To me, it is always Quality > Quantity. I really put my heart into whatever post that I have on here.

Today I have decided to make a schedule because I don’t want one day I could be writing up to three post and then I have nothing for the rest of the week.

So, I scheduled these topics in those days:

Monday: I would post any kind of tip that I’d come across, or maybe something that I’m good at e.g. Photography

Thursday: Something that would lift you up #motivation? No drama though I promise

Friday: Interviews. / You can check the previous ones Click Here

Saturday: Fashion and Beauty related

I got these topics, feel free to share your ideas? and let me how do you schedule your blog posts?

xo Ms Poet

6 thoughts on “Scheduling Your Blog Posts?

  1. Sounds like a great schedule to start! I feel the same about the writing situation as well; what I feel works best for me is to write throughout the day or week and save it as a draft for a post down the road. That way, over the course of time I can edit or whatever 🙂


      1. I just got the T3i with a 50mm f/1.8 lens! What kind of lens/camera do you use for your blog posts?!


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