Me, Myself & Coffee 

I promise it is not an addiction. It feels weird when people say to me “oh so you’re a coffee addict,,”

I will explain it in few words…

My morning routine consists of me getting up and heading to the kitchen, and making myself a cup of coffee it simply makes me feel happy. The feeling itself pushes me off bed in the morning when I am really not feeling that I want to get up and go.

After having my cup of coffee I can proceed through the day. And no, somehow caffeine doesn’t effect me that much,  because at the end of the day I figure that I had around 6 coffees yet I end up feeling so sleepy…

I love when in morning I get to be very chill and relaxed.
I went a week without coffee, in all honestly it was boring! I may not be able to explain it in words but to me coffee is a part of my lifestyle and a must ‘element’ in my daily routine.

I prefer having coffee rather not having it.

Is it just me?

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