Interview with Kübra

One of the sweetest people I have met in Turkey-Istanbul. Her uncle owns a shop in Istanbul. As we got inside to check it out I met this young lady. Kübra is such a sweetheart. It was and still a pleasure getting to know her.


  • If someone that doesnt know Turkey how would you describe it to them? 

Turkey has got delicious food and a natural beauty. We are proud of our culinary culture. I think you should come.

  • How do we know each other? 

We met our gift shop in Istanbul. That day i was there to help my uncle and you come with your family. You take my photo and send my email adress then we are friends since 2013.

  • If you were 80 years old, what would you tell your children? 

I say; hey children there’s only one life and live to the fullest and carpe diem.

  • What is your job? 

I’m still student on cinema and television. I will be soon filmmaker.

  • If you have a ticket to go anywhere where would you go? 

Before i die, i want go to the moon. More realistic, i want go to the Uruguay, because it’s funny country.

  • If everyone is reading this interview what would you tell them? 

We are intelligent creatures,evaluate every moment, love one another and tell each other. Feed with art,science and religion.

  • What’s your name? And what does it mean? 

My name is Kübra. Kübra, Arabic origin is a name. It’s mean; the biggest, the big one.

  • What is your favorite move to watch?

these days my favorite movie is “interstellar”

  • Three words to describe you
    Love every branch of art, dreamer, space enthusiast

P.S Her photo was taken by me

Reach Her At ||  Instagram

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