Be Brave

Being brave is no easy action. I think most of us could be brave only mentally. A lot of us don’t even have what it takes to believe that they could even be strong enough to do something about ‘it’. Some are scared to think about being brave, let alone do anything to help themselves and claim their life back. I have come to realize that a lot of what we claim to have fear from is truly and utterly a work of imagination. Especially when it comes to those who we do not have deep connections with. We are truly scared from the opinion of the strangers yet we could not care less about those who are close to us. But how is that? How are we letting our actions be fueled by the comments of those who don’t really know anything about us?  Only what is shown to them and that is not the complete truth.

We are worried what they would think, say, feel, if we were out there completely seen and exposed; emotionally and mentally.. We fear that their judgmental words would may be tattooed on our skin to be visible to anyone and everyone. One of the reasons we stick to what we know, we stick to what is ‘normal’ and ‘accepted’ is that we do. not want to hear those words or feel those words…. Which is crazy? And it really makes no sense at all. Because what we fail to understand is that we have full control of what we feel and think… As easy as it may seem but harder to do.. To control and be aware of our feelings at all times is what I call freedom.

Most of us are living a life that does not feel like us, doe not look like us, does not show the core facts of what we truly are. Because our truth isn’t just what you see but everything beneath the surface. And to hide all that behind the surface that is ‘acceptable’ in the society is honestly the waste of you and I.
The society is you and me. The society is made of people. and guess what? People change…. Thus, society’s standards are changeable. Relying on the standards put by others will only cause you to live a life like the others. Making you wanting to place similar goals just like the others… We are made to believe to be like her or him whoever those people are……. But in fact we should only be like ourselves. The better version of you is one step forward ahead..Believe you are not the final version of you as you are always becoming. Believe that you are capable of bettering yourself to be better than your yesterday self. And that itself is an achievement.

What I am trying to say here by all this blabber is that do not be scared to show yourself. Be proud of your tiny achievements, your little steps. And No, you don’t have to do what everyone else doing in order to feel successful. 

Success is relative. Do not adapt someone else’s definition of success and claim that you are a failure just because the results of what you are doing is not matching theirs. Each of us has their one pathway; each has a journey to discover on their own. You are as important as anyone else in this world; If you claim that you are not worthy just because you are not recognizable on Instagram or any other social media platform is plainly BS. Because my darling, having a big number written on your followers ‘slate’ is not a definitive reason or a source for happiness, security, love and appreciation. Always think quality and not quantity.

What I really want to focus on here with all this writing, is to honestly focus on your day to day life. Focus on your steps, focus on your moments daily. Focus on your inner self as well as watching how you act and react with people around you. Ask yourself why you act a certain way here and another way there. Do you believe that you are a genuine person? Or one who follows the ‘usual’ and the typical, so you could somehow be invisible in plain sight? 

 We are told to blend in, to do what almost everybody else is doing. This is old history I promise. I am here to remind you that you don’t need the full support and acceptance and appreciation from the people around you for you to go and be what you want to be. The internet has made it easier for us to reach out and show people how talented we are. No matter who do you think you are, there will always be a bunch of us to support you virtually. Be brave and find the courage to step out of the placed limitations around you; Start expressing your thoughts through a brush, a pen, a keyboard, a photo, a lyric, a poem, a mic, a design or a good read. You can be whatever you want to be if you truly set your mind to it and believed that you are capable of owning that sort of dream. Then work smart on it; you don’t need an audience to watch you walk the steps up. You need you, your determination and consistency. And the belief that you are worthy.

Let me wrap up in saying that being brave is not easy. Close your eyes and go ahead and take the leap for this jump will be the distinguish between your before and after. And I promise you; you will feel lighter, happier, kinder; to you and others. As for what others would say or think; Know this… If you are not in the arena with me fighting and battling and in fact realizing how it feels like to truly go through everything in life; then surely you have no right or a chance to decide which path I should be  on and how I should walk the journey of mine. 

I dare greatly to be myself. And that made all the difference.


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