App Review And a Book Summarization

I have asked the people on Instagram If they listen to audio books. Around 68% said No and 32% Said Yes. Then I asked the reason why not and many said that they couldn’t focus when listening, others said they got easily distracted. Some even mentioned how the actual tangible book was a better way for them to read and learn and many more reasons of why they did not like the audio books.

I will share with you one of the ways to listen and learn from audio books but my way revolves only around non fiction books. I have used Audible before and I do like it. This time I am sharing with you another App that I truly enjoy. I am also working on investing more time on it.. This is why I thought I’d share.

There are books out there you don’t really feel like purchasing to read cover to cover. There are certain books you just want the summary out of them. Some may feel like a drag or too extended and you just feel like getting to know the points of the entire thing. This is what Blinkist is for. It gives you the key ideas from the books and because I can’t just listen and learn, I started having pen and a paper with me as I listen to the audio and write down my understandings from the whole clip. The fun part is that you only need around 15 minutes in your 24 hours a day. Do you think you can make 15 minutes a day to learn something new?

In a way the audio clips will feel like bullet points sharing the whole summary of the book. You will finish the clips with a complete understand of what’s the book about.

Today I played the book 12 Rules For Life By Jordan B Peterson and here is my own summary and understanding from the clips I listened to today.

This book talks about:

**Of course the book has more informative stories and information but these are the summarization of the 12 rules in the book.

  1. Having a good posture can tell a lot about you. Keep your shoulders straight and face all the struggles you come across. There is no such thing as a life full of happiness. There will always be those moments that will drag you down. Always be ready to face whatever that comes your way.
  2. Give yourself the love you freely share with others. We tend to love other people and care for them but completely forget about ourselves. We don’t mind getting the most expensive gifts to others but hesitate when we want to get ourselves something.
  3. “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” Choose your people wisely.
  4. Always compare yourself to your past self. This will lead you for a life free of judgement and envy. The more you focus on building yourself and growing yourself, the less you truly focused on other people and saw their faults and all.
  5. As a parent being too strict or too loose could harm your child. You should always find balance between both sides. Know when to hold back and when to let go.
  6. To live as a victim is no way to be. Never blame the world for your misfortune. Even if life is unfair to you; it’s nobody’s fault. Your life= Your responsibility.
  7. Some people tend to always seek pleasure and think that life is all about wanting to have fun and spending all the money they have for instant gratification. To have a meaningful life we need to start sacrificing for a delayed gratification which in the end is more important than temporary moments of joy.
  8. Lying is never the answer. To live an honest life should be your way of living.
  9. Be open to learn. Conversations with others aren’t competitions. Sometime’s it’s ok to just listen,. allow yourself to listen to grow.
  10. Be clear. It’s ok to say no when you need to, say yes when you want to. Have a precise language. Say what you mean and mean what you say.
  11. Let boys be boys and girls be girls. Too much rules can suppress the good quality in our human nature. He argues how boys have their way and as moms we shouldn’t make them act otherwise. So the authors says “Do Not Bother Children when they are Skateboarding”
  12. Celebrate the small joys in life. There will always be good things in a bad day. As the day will come after the night. Embrace life.

That’s about it. Will probably share with you more summarization of books I enjoyed listening to through the app.

Xo S

4 thoughts on “App Review And a Book Summarization

  1. Thanks for your support and guidance. This is great suggestion. I totally understand the thing about audiobook and physical book. Currently I am facing that battle. I am getting into leisure reading again. And I was torn with a book book or audiobook. I like both. The audiobook is intriguing in its own way so as the book book. A book book encourages you to turn the pages and read with different senses that an audiobook. Physical reading allows u to make up the voice of the words with your imagination. An audiobook allows u to stop and listen and gravitate into the sound of the voices and world of sound provided. Both audio and book book have their quirks. My mind is so complicated. For me to read one book I had to figure out how: audio, book book or ebook. And I have come to realize I like them all for their individual purposes. I am currently listening to The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy. I love it and it’s my first audiobook. And I feel as though a book book for somethings are best. Especially reading on the go


  2. Oopsie. I mean the elibrary for the state u are in is wonderful also. Library books thru our devices is pure greatness in this era we live in. So many choices. Yet we must do what feel right for us as individuals.


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