You’ll See It When You Believe It

“One must always be careful of books and what’s inside of them, for words have the power to change us.”

This post is just a mini insight to one of my favorite books of all times, I thought I’d share with you few things from the book; since I am reading it again.

You’ll see it when you believe it by Wayne W. Dyer.

It is never about the amount of books I read. But how many books actually get through me. There are books that truly resonate deep within my soul and had changed me in ways I never thought possible. Eye opening books that expand your conscious and make you realize how things aren’t as complicated as we claim them to be.

Getting to know yourself will allow you to remove all the layers that were put on you as you were growing; the more you read the more you uncover your true self. For me I am a true believer that I am always becoming… As long as I am breathing there is no end to removing those layers.

‘You’ll see it when you believe it’ 
is the book to your personal transformation. 
Here are some of the things it discusses:


Focuses on how you are a soul with a body not a body with a soul. How we need to live beyond our forms(bodies). It shares signs and symptoms of inner peace, how you are more than the body you occupy…..
This chapter shares how important it is to be less judgmental and negative because having a quiet mind gives you a peaceful life.
This chapter also emphasizes on how “we are in a world of individuals, comparison makes no sense at all” and it discuss this fact deeply.
The end of this chapter shares some suggestions on personal transformation.


We think a lot but we never took the time to truly realize how thoughts shape our lives. How thoughts are important and you shouldn’t be wasting time thinking negative and poisonous thoughts because what you think you truly become.
This chapter talks deeply about “thoughts”…. Your desires to improve your life will start with your way of thinking….
Willingness, how determined are you in changing your life?
Resistance, Why are we resisting the focus on our inner energy rather our physical body? How this itself will change your perspective on how you are living your life… As you will start taking different choices and probably change the road you are walking on right now…
Also, by the end of the chapter it shares with you ‘your way out of the cage’… Ideas and facts on how you need to improve your way of thinking for example:
By reminding yourself how it is important to practice whatever you want to be good at… You can’t say I want to be a good writer but you don’t take time off to write daily to improve your writing skills.. and so on..
We usually keep thinking and reminding ourselves always that we are not good enough, and that we aren’t where we should be… And this has taken a toll on us making us do less then we’re supposed to do because our way of thinking has controlled our actions.


This chapter will remind you that you are not alone and this universe is for all of us. Instead of thinking “I” You’ll start thinking of “we”. You cannot survive on your own; you need others as they need you too. This chapter will discuss your existence and how important it is to be thinking of others along with yourself. This will make you realize that there is something for everyone and you will start behaving differently once you embrace this thought. You will look beyond names, titles, occupation, race…etc.. You will start seeing someone beyond their form.
This chapter also shares with you why you might be resisting the principle of oneness…. And by the end of it, it gives you suggestions for applying the principle in your own life.


“Everything you need you already have. You are complete right now, you are a whole, total person, not an apprentice person on the way to someplace else.”
start changing your mentality from scarcity mentality to having an abundant life.
why live a life complaining and focusing on what you lack? And not turn your focus and be grateful for exactly what you have right now?
Whatever you focus on expands. You remind yourself how poor you are? It’s exactly what you will expand. (Read More in Chapter 3)


There are a lot of people out there suffering from attachment. Being attached to others is the way to your mental and emotional issues. I wrote two posts concerning this topic and spoke deeply about it. This chapter shares with you the importance of detaching yourself from everyone and everything. The word detachment might sound a little negative but Mr Dyer explains how it is your way to your freedom. We usually cling ourselves to others, how their thoughts and emotions have impacted our thoughts and emotions. Detaching yourself doesn’t mean that you stop caring about others. This chapter shares types of attachments and explains them briefly.
**After reading this chapter I took a step by detaching myself to things and it truly felt good. I stopped thinking that I own things, even the things I get/buy? It has helped me a lot and made me less stressed…
By the end of the chapter it shares with you some points about why you might be resisting detachment.


If you asked me I would tell you that I do not believe in coincidences. This universe is too perfect and complete to have things happening without any reasons. We may not realize the reasons at the moment and we may never but there are reasons behind everything that is happening in our lives. Once you embrace this thought you’d really not
There is a pattern and you wouldn’t be where you are right now without everything you have been through. Don’t focus on where you are right now physically, but think about your emotions and thoughts…..
This chapter shares insights about connections
from our thoughts to forms, humans to other humans, forms to hidden forms and so on…..
And it ends the chapter by sharing some ideas for putting synchronicity to work.


This is one of the most important chapters.
“You practice forgiveness for two reasons: to let others know that you no longer wish to be in a state of hostility with them and to free yourself from the self-defeating energy of resentment. Send love in some form to those you feel have wronged you and notice how much better you feel.”
I don’t think anything would work if you don’t forgive yourself first and then forgive others…
Forgiveness does mean accepting and letting others keep using you or abuse you. Forgiveness means you’re letting fo of the resentment emotions you have within yourself. You forgive and you draw a line that you won’t allow others to cross it again. This chapter also talks about revenge and judgment. As it ends with ways and tips on putting forgiveness into actions.

What I just shared with you is only a drop of the ocean. I highly recommend this book if you are willing to take action and transform your life. By the end of the day it starts and ends with you. Your way of life is your responsibility.

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