Life As We Know It

superthumb“What do you want to be when you grow up”? a question every child must have heard a million times. Little kids have big dreams; they see the sky is the only limit, as it’s supposed to be. Some of them might even say “I want to be a beautiful bird so I can fly whenever I want and see the world from above,” and others might say “I want to be a majestic lion, strong and fearless.”

The more we grow old, the more disappointed we become, “I can’t really be a bird, what was I thinking? I can’t fly, I never will.” The small book of sketches that had all our dreams and desires, is dusty now and a lot of people have thrown it away already. Ok this is dark, very dark, but does it not have a bit of truth? A lot actually. People go through school and then college and life seems easy to them. Opportunities are there, some get what they deserve and some don’t. Frankly, college can be a very disappointing place as well, when a creative talented individual doesn’t get the credit they deserve. It is crushing when you suddenly wake up and realize the reality that not everything will go your way. It is devastating when you realize that many of the dreams you had are illogical today, they don’t even make sense.


However, why do we always let these moments make up our minds on how horrible life is? Why do we tend to dramatize life and its consequences? It’s life as we know it they say; life is disappointing they say; life is unfair they constantly say. There’s no need to blame anyone and anything. Life is not an entity that can be hold accountable for our ups and downs.

It’s life as we know it, it has nothing to do with anything.

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