I Want To Read. Where Do I Begin?

I have been receiving one question too many times. It is time for me to start writing about it.

I hope somehow this post will be as helpful as I think it would.

Let’s do this

I want to read…. But I don’t know where do I start.

First of all, what kind of genre you enjoy the most?

Answer this question truthfully… 

There are many styles/categories of books; You need to know which category you find yourself more drown to?

For me, it has always been books under the genre “self-help/improvement“…. When I start reading I just cannot stop… so it drags to one book, two,, three…. and so on.

I tried reading novels, but it felt like a drag…. I just couldn’t go through the whole book..I only read one Nicholas Sparks’s novels out of the 5 ones I’ve purchased.

Secondly, Don’t get yourself big books.. Books over 200 pages… This will not give you the motivation to read.. You will instantly feel that “it’s a lot….” And then you’ll be discouraged to even begin in the first place. Start small…. get yourself into the habit of reading first, and then you’ll see yourself getting more books bigger ones..


Tips and Tricks for better and faster reading

  • Create a ritual that is daily. Either you wake up early in the morning and do your reading. Or in the evening, some of us would read best before bed time.
  • By reading 25 pages a day, you can finish 100 in 4 days… So imagine how many books you’ll finish if the book is only around 50 pages?
  • Find a quiet place. (For me a coffeeshop early in the mornings/afternoons can be the perfect spot for a good read. or maybe in my bed before sleep time.)
  • Find a cozy place. It’s not enough to have a quiet place, you need a place where you’re comfortable; because when you’re reading you don’t want to get distracted by how uncomfortable the seat is.. I’ve been there.. trust me.
  • Hold a pen or your book-marker to track your reading.. Sometimes you can get distracted and lose your spot.
  • It’s ok to start with 10 minutes a day, then gradually level up to 25 minutes… With time you will lose yourself between the pages if you got a good book.. Time won’t be an issue.  
  • Take your book with you everywhere. You can never know when is your next “waiting in line” will be…
  • When you start reading turn your phone off or keep it away from you… You’ll have more time reading… and less time checking your social media platforms. for any new updates.
  • Use a highlighter or a pen to underline things that you want to go back to. ( I love highlighting things that somehow triggers me between the lines. I love going back reading some of them later..


Why reading is important.

There are a lot of reasons why we should start reading.

I can safely say that reading has changed my life. It does depends on the type of books you read. But for me, I believe that those books I’ve spent time reading, helped me form a better lifestyle, better mental, emotional strength and a better way to communicate with others. Reading books has taught me a lot about myself, gave me ways to understand and be understood. Books can actually boost up your confidence, self-knowledge and joy.

Reading can:

  1. Expand your views
  2. improves your memory
  3. expands your imagination
  4. develops critical thinking
  5. Improves communication skills
  6. Gain calmness and focus
  7. Learn more about other cultures or worlds (fiction/non-fiction)
  8. Improves your morals.
  9. Get smarter
  10. Be more knowledgeable

Book Suggestions

The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho

The 7 habits of highly effective people By Stephen Covey

The Last Lecture By Randy Pausch

The Monk who sold his Ferrari By Robin Sharma

You’ll See It When You Believe It By Wayne Dyer

Are You Happy Now?: 10 Ways to Live a Happy Life By Barbara Berger

Who will cry when you die By Robin Sharma

The Leader who had no title By Robin Sharma

The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World By  Dalai Lama XIV, Desmond Tutu, Douglas Carlton Abrams


If you have more questions or concerns speak to me










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