They Are Not Supportive!

Can I safely say that most of us weren’t exactly encouraged to be us..? Like completely ourselves…Especially by our families?

They somehow always want us to be different, maybe better maybe more successful maybe married maybe more children, maybe lose weight maybe gain weight?….etc?

Judging us all the time, throwing comments here and there when they’re not needed. Just to make a statement.. ( Negative ones) But if there is anything I want you to take with you from this post is to realize that we are not here to change people because we can’t. We can only control and change ourselves…

What’s sad is that family members have the most impact on us… And their words truly get us no matter what.

That being said, I am here to share with you few reasons why family members aren’t supportive… And how can you keep being motivated.

Why family members aren’t supportive?

♦First of all, you need to realize that what you do is not for them. In the middle of the road someone might say something to you that could break you down, remind yourself that where you at, and how much work you’re putting into whatever that you’re doing is totally for you. You shouldn’t work to impress anybody, and you shouldn’t wait for anyone’s validation as well.

♦Secondly, You need to realize that a lot of them are actually insecure and secretly impressed and scared by how far you’ve gone. Because believe it or not, they don’t have the strength, the willingness, the confidence to start anything at all… So, they honestly have nothing else to do but to discourage you until you give up. The key is to never give up. 

♦Being in your path that’s yours only,,, not everyone can understand your point of views, your hows and whys… Even if you tried to explain it to everyone it is not necessarily that they’ll understand.. So remind yourself that what they think of you is a reflection of them and it has nothing to do with you.

♦You will never be able to please everyone. Trying to listen to people around you will be endless, because they will never stop talking you out of things. You will always have someone claiming they know better, or guide you; thinking their way is better than yours.


How can you keep being motivated?

♦Take your time and respectfully state how you feel about what you do, and how it is really important that if they had nothing nice to say they should say nothing at all..

♦Educate them. Sometimes it is ok to explain why you do what you do. Because as I said earlier, not everyone is aware of whatever that you’re doing, or understand your reasons. Sometimes an honest explanation could clear things out.

♦Stay true to yourself. Know that you will always be there for yourself 24/7. So don’t count on anyone to be there all the time.

♦Find people who truly support what you do. There will always be people who will cheer for you.

♦You can never make your family happy all the time… so be honest and strict in sticking to whatever you’re passionate about. Don’t let guilt bothers you, because trust me if you didn’t go with your passion.. No matter how small or big it is.. It will always haunt you.

♦As long as you’re not hurting anyone, don’t let people’s feelings impact your decisions. You’re not responsible for how others feel or think. You can only control your own thoughts and feelings.

♦You can always avoid talking about whatever that you do because somehow it could save you a lot of heartaches. So, no matter what happens avoid bragging or updating your family members on where you are now.

♦Finally, it is ok to have family that discourages you, take it as areason to push yourself even more… Not to prove them wrong but to prove yourself that no matter the obstacles no matter the negativity vibes around you, “you made it.. You went through it… You did it.”

I can safely say that I did it.






One thought on “They Are Not Supportive!

  1. I related to it soooo much.. I’ve always thought there are just few people like that. I feel better knowing there are more of us. And knowing what i need to do about it.

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