Your Soulmate

I heard so much about “soulmates” and  one of my friends kept asking a question and it made me think…..

( What is a soulmate?)

What you are about to read is purely my views about it based on ideas, imagination and facts I have encountered over time.

Google says: that a soul-mate is a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner. 


Let’s put relationships on the side for now. I am going to talk about something different…  A soul mate comes once in a life time. Someone you connect with despite the location, timing or the circumstances. It is that someone who you feel effortlessly yourself.

  • All your conversations are easy and you don’t find their flaws an issue because you don’t actually pay attention to them.
  • Somehow with their existence you feel both secure and protected.
  • Everything makes sense when they’re around you.
  • You feel that you both support each other and help build each others up.
  • Strengthen the weak parts of you.
  • It’s not about appearances, somehow your vibes click.
  • You both can talk about anything and everything
  • You don’t have second thoughts in speaking up and talking about your thoughts, feelings because somehow they just understand you.
  • And with all those conversations, you end up respecting their opinions and views even if they didn’t match yours. Because deep down you know that they do have a different personality and background.
  • So you find yourself taking the time to learn more about them.
  • Soulmates feel as if they have known each other their whole life. You are just comfortable when you’re together.


One more thing…. That person is not here to complete you. You are complete on your own. When you two collide and combined you could set a whole city on fire. This is the real deal.


At the end it is all about your vibes. Trust your vibes they don’t lie.




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