10 Things To Keep You Moving Forward

Running away from your problems

Yes this might seem easy, but you can’t run forever. So take a deep breath and face whatever is there to face. Fix what’s needed to be fixed or change your view about it. Because sometimes it’s not a problem unless you want it to be.

Ignoring the positive sides in your life

As much as we love to complain and whine… Trust me there is always something positive in  your 24 hours day..! I mean if only we take the time to realize it. It might be something as small as opening your eyes in the morning… (Think about it)


I think if I am ever a queen..I’d be the queen of procrastination…  No I am not happy about that.. I have this urge to do everything last minute.. Yes, I get away with it most of the times.. But see… most of the times; I did try to do things in time and it felt way better than the last minute.. Try it.

The Shame of past failures

Your past does not define who you are right now. We are always growing and whoever you were 10 years ago is surely not you today. Don’t let those thoughts be in the way and what truly matters is what you do right now.

Being indecisive about what you want

Take the time to know yourself, what you like and don’t like. What is it that makes you happy? and according to that set your goals and achievements. Because if you’re not living a life that makes you happy then what’s the point?

Letting the opinion of others control your life

There is a limit that you actually let those close around you to suggest ways or give you thoughts in how you’re living.. But at the end it should be your call. Do not let anyone confuse you or let you do something that you’re not sure of. Always let it be your last call when it comes about your life. You know you.. So do what’s best for yourself.

Not appreciating the present moment.

Ok, it’s like we’re either living in the past, regretting or feeling guilty. Or we’re daydreaming about the future,, even if it was as close as tomorrow.. But have you taken the time to actually appreciate this right moment?

Try to sit for five minutes while having coffee, tea or even water.. And just stay silent yet appreciate this small moment.. We tend to forget about the small things not realizing that with time they’re being the bigger parts of our lives.


Choosing to do nothing

Let me put in a very simple way.. You cannot choose what happens tomorrow, or how you die… You can only choose how you’re living right now… and every day you actually wake up is a new chance for you to choose..


Stop holding grudges

This will only make you more miserable and tired. Learn to love yourself because with time you’ll start having inner peace that you will not allow yourself to be filled with hate and negative feeling that will shake your inner peace.


Accept people the way they are

Don’t stress yourself out trying to meet people like you… Because we all have our own ways. And you need to accept the fact that not everyone is like you… (Yin Yang)?

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