Inspired by a friend of mine.

I think a lot of us have a misconception about what love is. I am not saying I know all about it but I know what love is not.

We will get into that in a while. Let’s start off sweet and easy.

I believe for a fact that love doesn’t mean a thing if you first don’t love yourself. 

For all that you are and all that you are not. 

Despite the x of your weight, the color of your skin or the traits of your personality.

The moment that we get to learn and know ourselves is the moment that we have full acceptance in our flaws and all. because by then, we won’t mind being hated for who we are.. Rather than being loved for who we are not… get it??

Some people will do just about anything to feel accepted and loved by others… And when I know people like that I truly pity them…. because they overlooked that they’re magic.

I have witnessed what people do to be accepted and loved by others

  • Change their original point of views to match someone else’s.(Act like they love something when they truly don’t)
  • Neglect their morals and principles.
  • Lose their friends in order to win someone’s heart.
  • Change; ( Their hairstyle, lose weight..etc) To impress that one person

Which is something I truly find pathetic..

Nobody’s perfect. But there is someone who is perfect for you.

There is someone out there who would want you the way you are.

It is debatable whether love is a choice or something that is uncontrollable.

Some choose to love a certain person, others find themselves completely in love with no control on how to handle this specific feeling.

  • To be willing to put another’s soul or happiness before you.
  • Commit to helping, caring, respecting, being loyal, and appreciating someone else.
  • A sudden dramatic feeling for the need to always look after them.
  • Physical, emotional and mental attraction towards that person

Love is Free. You cannot buy or sell it. You cannot make someone loves you for whatever reason. You cannot force yourself to love someone when you don’t.. and vice versa.

You can buy someone’s loyalty, companionship, marriage… You can also buy their trust, but not love. for it is not a commodity or something that is tradable.

Some people’s misconception about love is that,,, when you love someone you have this need to literally ‘own’ them. And somehow all your feelings are attached to theirs.

You force yourself to be in the top of their list.. their time should match  yours..

Which is also wrong…

Let’s go back to loving yourself. ♥

When you do that.. You find yourself being confident. When you’re confident you’re not worried about losing that person. because no matter how long they’re gone. If you’re sure about their love to you and yours to them. Time won’t be a problem. You are confident that with or without that person you’re not incomplete. When you’re confident you’d expect to be treated with respect and not to belittle you no matter what the reason. When you’re confident you won’t find yourself stressing and losing sleep over irrelevant thoughts about being mistreated by that person; Because you wouldn’t let it happen in the first place.

Love shouldn’t hurt.

To be someone that is always questioning yourself and the person you love.. is not genuine love.

Because love is to feel secured. 

To know where you exact spot in someone else’s life and not to spend a lifetime fighting for it.

Love is to respect someone else’s time and space…

To be aware that you are important but life shouldn’t revolve around you!

Love shouldn’t make you feel suffocated. It actually should set you free.

when you love someone you want them to breathe not the other way around.

To help, guide, and nourish them. Not to smother them with your existence,,,,,

To love is to forgive them when they are wrong. To realize that we are all bound to make mistakes and when you know what you have is right.. There is nothing wrong in being forgiving..

To love is to trust…. To be in the circle of doubt will only destroy you mentally. If you cannot trust the person you’re with, maybe you shouldn’t be with them in the first place.

When you know yourself, you know exactly who you want to be with.

I have spoken about soulmates before. And I believe that you know you have the right person when you:

  • Feel complete peace with them.
  • You don’t have second thoughts in talking about anything and everything
  • You’re not afraid to be who you are around them

….. And more ( Read by Clicking Here)


Life is simple but we tend to complicate it.

Work hard and provide yourself the love you need first before seeking it from others.

Love is not something you run to find. Live your life and everything else will fall into place.

When you know your worth, you know what you deserve.

Don’t seek attention or acceptance from others. Demand respect.. It lasts longer.

Never ask or beg for love… It shouldn’t be given out of pity…. Love should be praised and be given/received with pride


Love is a combination of respect, attention, loyalty, trust, honesty, appreciation, acceptance, forgiveness, teamwork…. Any lack of those there should be an imbalance. All those actually lead to love…




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