“I Am Sorry I Look Like Shit”

DJ3R0025This goes to all those girls out there and myself.

We often find ourselves apologizing for looking bad when technically we just don’t have makeup on? Is that ok? I mean we are at a point where we feel sorry for looking like us!?

I have always believed in inner beauty and I sincerely look passed looks because I connect with others intellectually and I do appreciate their brains and way of thinking. To me looks are just a plus, whats the use in being super beautiful and slick yet your brain is empty? And trust me I have met a lot of those it is truly ugly… They cannot form a full sentence as they also use their “looks” in their advantages which is in my opinion is shameful.

Let’s not get into that and focus on you now. All what I want to say here is that you should really focus in building your personality and educate yourself. Nope, I am not talking about school here. Read all kinds and sorts of things, be prepared to answer any type of questions. To me, I hate when I get asked about anything and I just stand there not knowing the answer so I run and do a full research about that thing.

In this era looks are becoming more important than what you think, say or do. If you’re pretty you can get away with anything,,, trust me anything at all. So we find ourselves apologizing if we thought that we weren’t looking all that good or having that eyeliner on fleek.

We should really take pride in the people that we are. I am sure that you have faced a lot and things that have made you the person that you are right now. So do not let the society choose for you or choose to stereotype you in a category that you do not belong to. Don’t ever apologize for being yourself because if you did that you might as well be as fake and just live your life the way they want.

It sadness me to see young girls working really hard trying to look extra good in order meetings peoples expectations because “beautiful” in this society has been set under some standards? I don’t find that right at all. Young teens are becoming more obsessed in having bigger lips, thinking already about implants as soon as they grow bigger. Also, getting dressed in a way that doesn’t suit their age? I don’t know if its this generation? My voice is not that loud but I hope my writings could reach girls making them feel even slightly better and more confident?

Believe the fact that you are beautiful inside and out and there is no question about that. Do not victimize yourself in order to get others pity. Work on yourself to be a better person, trust me at times, you will have no one but you. And when this time is here and you’re not even confident with yourself how will you face it? Or even face yourself? I have come to a point where I embrace all my faults and work on bettering myself. I am ok with my acne, my thin hair or even when I gain weight.

I am no longer apologizing for looking like shit because I don’t.

“اسفه على شكلي” او “اسفه شكلي اي شي اليوم”
كلمات نقولها بدون ما نحس احنا البنات بس غالبا نقولها لما ما نكون حاطين ميك اب؟ يعني بالضبط قاعدين نتأسف للناس على شكلنا الطبيعي؟!!!
وصلنا مرحله لازم طول الوقت يكون شكلنا حلو، او كاشخين او حتى نكون حاطين ميك اب وايد عشان بس لا تقول فلانه عني شي او فلانه تنتقدني.
وايد فيه بنات ما يهمهم الفكر او العقل بالاحرى، المهم انها جميلة و تمشي حالها بسبب شكلها بس لما تيي تتكلم ما تعرف تحط جمله على بعضها. يعني هذه تنحط سايلنت للنظر فقط. وايد اتمنى ان  اغلب هالنوع من البنات يكونون اذكى من جذي لان حاليا هالمجتمع بالضبط قاعد يستخدم “شكل” البنت” للتسويق فقط. والله ما قامو يحطون اي حساب لطريقه تفكيرها او شنو تقدر تسوي او حتى اذا لها راي.  #مانيكان؟
حتى المراهقات البنات ما تشوف وحده تقول ابي اتعلم بالاغلب يقولون ابي اصير مثل “فلانه” لانها حلوة و كذا….
برايي هذا غلط و ودي لو اقدر اغير هالشي بس مادري منو سبب هالتأثير، المجتمع؟ التربيه؟ او نتيجه السوشيال ميديا و استخدام “التسويق” بهالشكل… انا درست تسويق و ماكان ابد بالطريقه اللي قاعده اشوفها!
xo Mspoet

2 thoughts on ““I Am Sorry I Look Like Shit”

  1. Couldn’t agree more, who you are makes you beautiful not how you look.

    The problem with everyone chasing after a certain look thinking it would make them beautiful is you end up with clones and no one that is unique and genuinely beautiful


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