8 Things to Keep A Positive Life

Sometime’s I end up having no topic to write about but I have this urge for writing. Usually I would use this and direct it in a journal or write anything that is personal. But sometimes I would love to publish the writings here. So I usually tend to ask the people on Instagram for boosters or questions that I would base my whole blog post about. I received few questions few days ago but this one question caught my attention…..

The question was as follows.

I always fail to keep the positive vibe any ides how to keep it on?”

We get distracted easily. Everything around us and everyone could take our minds off our goals and things we want to do. The moment we force to keep a positive vibe it becomes stressful and we end up feeling tensed instead of just relaxed and in tune with life. There many things you could do to be a positive person. I will list few of them which I have tried myself. Also, being a positive person doesn’t mean that you can’t feel negative at times. At the end we are all human beings and there are things in life we just cannot avoid feeling….
You should always take it easy, and remember, if you cannot change a thing in your life; just just how you think about it. Your whole attitude will change.

Be In The Now

One of the things that I am 100% positive about is that when you keep your mind on what’s happening right now you will lose sight of the things that keeps you feeling all over the place(Like the future or the past). Even when you are facing a problem if you keep your mind on the moment your brain will work in a way to fix the problem instead of worrying about what will happen in the future or regretting things you haven’t done or did in the past… The power of now is such a phenomena that I won’t be able to explain it in words but you can always read what Eckhart Tolle had to say about it.

Surround Yourself With The Right Crowd

Sometime’s we complain about our lives being negative but forget the fact that we jeep surrounding ourselves with the kind of people who gossip and whine all the time. “You are the sum of 5 you surround yourself with” Make sure you pick the right people, because energy is contagious. Whether you like it or not, so spend less time with those who rub negative energy on you like it’s nothing.

Do The Things You Love

I know it is not possible to keep doing the things you love all the time. We are bound to do things we don’t want to do sometimes because “that’s life” But make sure you have at least one hour in your day where you are diving into the things you love and care about. Things that make you happy. You like to draw? paint? write? sing? dance?….etc Use that hour and let it be yours. Sometime’s doing the things we love could lift us up and keeps us motivated no matter what comes our way.

The Feel Good Factor Is An Internal Job

Many of us depend on others for happiness and feeling good. Your life is 100% your responsibly and that is why you can’t wait for others approval for you to feel good. Our problem is that we let the people around us dictate too much of how we should be feeling at different times of the day. You can have an argument with someone and still not let it get you. Someone else can try to make you feel bad but it shouldn’t mean that they can succeed. “No one can hurt me without my permission.”
It is not easy to do that. But with time and the discipline you eventually can be the controller of your thoughts and feelings not the other way around. Life by then, will be much easier because only then, you will stop taking things personally and start seeing things from others point of views.

Quit The Comparison

It is not healthy to keep comparing your life/self with others. The more you do it the less you appreciate where you are and who you are. If you ever feel the need to compare yourself, do it to yourself. See where you were yesterday, 5 years ago to where you are right now, and let that be a way to better yourself from who you were yesterday. The more you focus on your own progress the less it mattered where others stand and that is how you end up not feeling envious and anxious to where people are because each has a journey. You are on your own path it doesn’t matter if you look like you are behind…. because it is ‘your’ journey that is completely different from everyone else’s.

Go Through What You Go Through

Don’t try to avoid what you are going through right now. Instead, face what is happening even if it doesn’t feel comfy at all.. I know what it is like to avoid things you are going through but this will only decrease your feel good factor and will keep your mind wandering around negative thoughts…

Remind Yourself…

It is ok to repeat out loud how great you are. Sometimes reminding yourself of your worth could be such a feel good source. Who else could you rely on for a good pep talk? Remind yourself that you are worthy of love, respect, loyalty. Remind yourself that you deserve the good things in life. Remind yourself that you are healthy and if not make sure that you live a healthy life. Not just when it comes to food….. Even people. We make diets and cut the bad foods off our daily meals but hang out 24/7 with the people who cause us emotional/physical/mental pain and do nothing about it…..
Remind yourself that losing those people will only make you feel better.

Check Your Behavior

At the end I just want to remind you that sometime’s it is us who are toxic. It is us who are causing all this negativity.. So make sure you take time to reflect on your thoughts and actions. Make sure that your words aren’t bad and hurtful. Make sure you are not the one to gossip. Because those who talk about other people never felt good about themselves. So it is ok to take time and reflect see if your actions are the ones bringing you down and lowering your energy and if so, make sure you take the right steps to change that because working towards a positive life is an instant positive vibe.

There are a lot of things you can do to change your mindset into a positive one. But remember life will not always be fair. Even if it is not going to where we wish it to be… We should always believe in the fact that it is happening for us. Sometimes even if you didn’t get the things you are praying for, consider that a blessing… Because it could be much worse if you had it…. And I am a true believer that everything in life is written “Maktub”
And to live a life believing that everything is happening for me, I won’t be walking around angry or holding grudges against life or people…… I am free and that’s how it should always be… To feel positive even in the darkest times… You know why?…. I carry the light within me that’s why.

xo S

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