A Peaceful Life

If you placed the effort you put on your social media platforms, your life will be much better. A lot of people worry how their lives look to other people than how they actually feel about it. Some do have the solutions (posting them on their platforms) but fail to apply a single one on their actual lives.

Living a peaceful life means yo balance everything out. The more balance you have in your life, the peaceful you will feel. The more we try to prove to others that we’re living ‘that’ life or a certain lifestyle, the stressful we become… You spend your energy and time drawing some kind of make-believe reality instead of looking how far away you are from your lines.

A lot of people forgot all about their actual feelings, thoughts and focused on other’s comments and compliments because somehow they are using it as a fuel…It is nice to get compliments but it shouldn’t define your value and worth…

To have a peaceful life means that you are ok with others not liking you and you are completely satisfied with the kind of lifestyle you have got without feeling the need to be supported and approved by others.

A key to having a peaceful life is to stop taking things personally. A lot of things will be said to you directly or indirectly… Taking things personal will cause you to be anxious at all times, stressed out because somehow you will always end up feeling that all fingers are being pointing at you.

  • There are two things you really need to focus on and not waste it blindly on anything or everything……
  • Time and Energy
  • Do not waste your time or energy on:
  • People you don’t really like.
  • Things you don’t like doing.
  • Your almost lovers and almost friends…… (hanging by the thread) those kind of people are the worst at sucking your energy away.. People should either be in or out of your life.. Don’t let others come and go as they please… This will only cause you stress and anxiety because not knowing whether to trust this person or not is nerve breaking. So be sure to draw the lines and release those who aren’t bringing peace to your life.
  • Work that only stresses you out. I believe a lot of people are going through this in particular, because I have mentioned on my Instagram that I was going through something at work and talked a little bit about it… I have received tons of messages from people speaking of the same issue. Some felt bullied, others were stressed out because the environment is toxic and there are those who don’t know how to create their exit plan. I am telling you this right here right now; especially that I have been in in different fields of work applying and resigning a bunch of times… Having a job is really important so you can support yourself financially. But, focusing on your mental and emotional state is way more important than money. There are things we can tolerate at work but once you have your issues get to y our head even after work….. that is not healthy… All first steps are hard and scary but once you make up your mind to it, it shouldn’t fear you. (I could go on about this but I will probably leave it for another blog post that discusses work only)…. Know your worth and you will not accept being treated less than what you deserve////And you will let go and leave anything that messes with your head or makes you feel less than good enough…

When you work very hard on your life, you will develop strength and courage. With this courage you will be able to let go, cut off and stop anyone/anything from interfering with your life.. Knowing how ‘peace’ taste like you’ll realize that anything that disturbs your peace of mind will be too expensive.

Set your priorities….
This is when you know what to give time to.
Know your values
This is when you will know what to allow and what to prevent or deny
Know your abilities
This is how you will know what to accept and what to reject.

Let go of the need to control everything. A main key for a peaceful life is to… as jiddu krishnamurti said it “You see, I don’t mind what happens.”
The sooner you become more aware of how life is all about ups and downs you will face any obstacle as its truly temporary..

xo S

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