We get to talk about a lot of things in here. As I love sharing my point of views on certain things; I love how this place became a platform for sharing ideas, thoughts and positive/good ways of living. There is one thing I haven’t spoken about, maybe shared bits of it here and there but the topic needs a more focused angle.

 The reason why we are what we are, and act how we act goes back to our self-discipline.. Some may lack it and others having it in check.

We will be talking all about self-discipline; why it is important and how to gain and keep it. 

I’ll share with you one or two of my personal experiences when it comes to being self disciplined. It is actually hard to keep and maintain but once you set your mind to it, it’s that easy. Not only you’ll stop being slave to your moods and bad habits. But you’ll feel liberated from having to feel

“A man without decision of character can never be said to belong to himself. . . He belongs to whatever can make captive of him.” – John Foster

When you have the ability to do what you have to do despite wanting to do it; that is self-disciplinee. For example,

  • Your eating routine/diet
  • Your workout journey
  • Smoking
  • Waking up late
  • Missing deadlines
  • Spending a lot of money on unnecessary things
  • Dishonesty (Maybe you grew a habit of not being honest with others)
  • Procrastination
  • Making excuses

**Some girls may have the habit to gossip every chance they got. To keep your mouth away from the blabber is called self-discipline.

& the list goes on…

 When you get the courage and the effort to truly immediately stop and never go back to such incorrect behaviors, that is called self-discipline.  

I don’t believe when a lot of people hide behind the excuse ” I can’t do it” ” I got used to this” …. It’s all in your head. Yes, it is hard to break a bad habit but once you put your mind to it, it’s possible.

>>Once you define your objectives and why you should quit this incorrect behavior or change your lifestyle into a better one that suits you best; it will be your new routine. .

It really takes up to 21 days to start a new habit. So for you to last 21 days doing your new thing away from your current behavior; you will definitely feel the difference. And once you see results; you’ll find it even more easier to stick to the new routine.

Do you respect yourself enough to maintain a healthy high quality lifestyle?

*I used to drink soda drinks all my life. I have always came across information and notes about how soda drinks are bad for you… But never ever took the step to actually call it quits. One day as I was having my soft drink, I decided that this will be my last bottle of sprite. As tempting as it used to be along the years but it has been around 4 years I am soda drinks free…I just kept the goal of knowing how these type of drinks are only harming my body…. So I replaced it with more water. I stopped drinking while eating my meals and have a cup of water whenever I am done.

**Coffee… If you know me you’d know how I am completely and utterly in love with coffee. It used to be all I drink and all I have all day long. I used to consume over 6, 7+ cups a day. Then I had a health issue that broke me down…., after doing some blood tests; the doctor clearly said “stay away from caffeine at once. So, I decided to cut off to two cups a day; I did a lot of black coffee before… Now I only have one black coffee and the other one has to be with milk. As I added more water to my lifestyle I feel a lot better. No matter the temptations I keep a number of two cups a day.

***I used to be a nail biter. It is a stress relief habit that I hated.. I read all about how to break this habit but it never worked. Then I came across an article that said when you spend your money on something it will feel hard to ruin, especially when you work hard for your financials; So I started going for manicure and plastic nails…almost every two weeks.. Whenever I find myself going in that zone to bite my nails I’d stand up and walk it out. Do anything that is distracting.. It really took me 21+ days then I completely forgot about it.. It’s been more than 4 years that I am nail-biting free.  And I feel amazing. A reason why I manicure every chance I’ve got it is because I love my nails. I would have never felt that way if I was chained to that habit. Also, I get asked a lot if my nails were plastic and it makes me feel so happy how healthy they became.

****Waking up early.

One of my favorite persons that shifted my perspectives is Mel Robbins The creator of 5 Second Rule. At first I thought it was a joke.. To count down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and then do what you gotta do despite how you feel about it.. So I thought ‘ok let me at least try’. There is no harm in doing that. So one day I’ve set my alarm at 5 am, it went off and I counted down 5 to 1 without rethinking about it, without holding my phone straight to the bathroom to get ready for work. And oh my lord.. yes, I felt like crying in the beginning but then when I arrived work early and I just felt good overall… I could not not do it again.. So it became a habit of me counting down and doing whatever I had to do without rethinking it.

You can get the book but I listened to on Audible there is also a  Summary version of it.

When you realize that you have only one life and that there is no redo…. You’ll be more cautious and aware of the things you consume and the things that consume your time.  Your health should be your #1 priority and once you do things that have good impact on your health and life in general you’d do more things that way.

As long as you have clear goals to achieve and you are aware of your obstacles and bad behavior, you’ve got no excuse.

-Your age is no excuse…

-Your weight is not an excuse…

-Your social status has no excuse…

♥For once have some responsibility to live your life the right way instead of wasting time complaining about it. We all had to learn by taking one step at a time. But in the end it is in your hand to make your life beautiful.

Do you think you’re worth having a beautiful life?

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xo, S

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