Keeping It Private


We live in a world right now where everything is getting published.

Nothing is being kept as ‘private’ or personal. People are going crazy over who can publish more personal things. The more personal things are exposed, the famous you are.. This obsession over being famous is getting out of hand…

One of the most asked questions I receive is do I live alone? or why do I always shoot as if I am out alone… Or if I have friends because apparently I always shoot a one cup of coffee instead of several.

In the beginning I didn’t give it much thought.. But then I started to realize that people honestly care about what’s given to them only… A lot of people only care about the shore and not the depth of things.

>> I do schedule going out alone because I truly feel that I need “my time” away from everyone.. Sometimes you don’t want to listen or talk, and this is normal. But that’s only few times a month. Other than that I have my family, friends and loved ones. And I am extremely grateful for each and every person I currently have in my life.

I believe that how you feel is more important than what you post to be. I have learnt that it doesn’t matter how many posts I publish, it’s how many moments I have actually lived.

Sometimes we miss a lot of those precious moments in order to get a good photo. But then when you think back… You can only remember your time taking the photo and not how you felt or who were you with.

Fortunately, I see myself as a social person but very selective. I choose wisely who I share my time and energy with.

As I said before, I have nothing to prove to anyone. Once you have this mindset you won’t be rushing posting everything and anything…

Your personal life should be kept personal, you don’t have to show everything to everybody just so they can see that you’re doing well, or being happy at some point of your life… What matters is that you are…

Don’t be one of those people framing things to make it appear good,,, when it’s actually the opposite.

When it comes to my Instagram account, I have a certain agenda I go by. I share with you my coffee shots along the captions of things I go by, I believe, ,I like….. stuff that represents how I think… And different photos of random things. Sometimes bits and pieces about myself,, but that’s it. I do believe that the best parts of my life do not make it to social media and because some things aren’t being pictured doesn’t mean that they’re not in the picture.

  • Be confident.
  • Make sure you feel fulfilled offline….
  • Unplug sometimes and actually do things without posting them online.. Instagram/Snapchat etc…(Don’t live through your posts…)
  • You don’t have to be a source of entertainment to anybody..




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