Day 23: If You Won The Lottery

Well well, first of all let’s get the fact that even if I was the only one who’s supposed to win, I won’t. LOL!

There is a sort of a saying that goes like ” If “Luck” was a magnet, then I’m just a piece of wood” >.< So there you have it.


But let’s play pretend and just imagine what I’d do if I won the lottery.

Without a doubt I am going to travel everywhere, and anywhere.

Will buy two condos: One in the city somewhere…Another one would be in an island or let’s say “Far away from the city noise”

I will have my coffeeshop of course in city where my first condo is.

In all honestly these are things that I thought of right now..


I don’t know what else I’d be wanting to get… or even right now. Cuz somehow I have almost everything I want/need..


What would you get if you won the lottery??


xo Ms Poet

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