They Are Not Supportive!

What do you do if your family doesn't support you?


Day 23: If You Won The Lottery

Well well, first of all let's get the fact that even if I was the only one¬†who's supposed to win, I won't. LOL! There is a sort of a saying that goes like " If "Luck" was a magnet, then I'm just a piece of wood" >.< So there you have it.   But let's… Continue reading Day 23: If You Won The Lottery

The Walk – movie >Philippe Petit<

I am no movie critic, but I can say what I like and don't like and why. I went to "The Walk" movie today: which was based on true event. I was suprised that I have never heard about this story before or came across it. As I do read a lot randomly about anything… Continue reading The Walk – movie >Philippe Petit<