Day 20: What Makes You Happy?

Again,, this should be really simple. Yet, I find it difficult to answer

Let’s figure it out together shall we?

As simple as waking up in the morning and making my coffee.

As simple as making others laugh/being there to comfort them.

As simple as helping/supporting others.

What makes me happy is doing what I love..

What makes me happy is being surrounded by the people I love

What makes me happy is being in a quiet, cosy place.

I believe what makes me truly happy is that I am content with myself.. I am just convinced that whatever happens for/to me it does for a reason. I am happy because I know myself and I love myself..

and this makes me happy.♥



I’ve done a quiz online “What makes you happy”

Here is the result. copy pasted from the website(Click Here) – If you took the quiz let me know your results.

You’re an achiever

You feel happiest when you have achieved something that you have been working towards, whether it’s a material or personal goal. But it’s not all about you… happiness also comes when you have helped someone else to feel happy, for example, playing with your children or watching your friends enjoy themselves at a party you’ve organised. You like to feel emotionally connected to the people and things around you. Be careful that you don’t rely too much on material things, and that you don’t become dissatisfied and unhappy when you fail to achieve your goals. Instead, recognise and celebrate the fact that your love of achievement can be a powerful source of energy, and one that can spur you into creativity.

xo Ms Poet

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