Day 26: Your Hidden Talent

Oh wow...     A hidden talent? I don't think I have any hidden talent! I literally thought it through, yet I haven't found anything. Instead I took a quiz "Your Hidden Talent"   Here is the result:   Your Hidden Talent Here is the analysis: The Artist You love freedom and want to follow [...]

Day 21: What Makes You Sad

Here are some of the things that makes me sad:    When people think less of themselves and act upon this non-fact... Ignorants... Not only " Having a lack of knowledge: but having no well to learn or have insights on whatsoever topic or thing that they're lacking the information about.. I could make a [...]

Day 20: What Makes You Happy?

Again,, this should be really simple. Yet, I find it difficult to answer Let's figure it out together shall we? As simple as waking up in the morning and making my coffee. As simple as making others laugh/being there to comfort them. As simple as helping/supporting others. What makes me happy is doing what I [...]

Day 19: Your Favorite Movie

Well, this is a hard one... I cannot decide which is my ONE favorite movie but I'll list few >.<   I'm a Nicholas Sparks fan so: The Notebook The Best of Me A Walk to Remember Dear John Message in a Bottle The Longest Ride Other than NS's movies I love watching: Think Like [...]