On Being Different

Lately I have been faced with many situations in front of me where some people are hating on others just because they are different.

Whether they come from a different culture, or speak a different language… Or even wear a different color. I still have no idea why a lot of people get defensive because somehow they feel offended by the differences. As if we all should be the same? As if we are all coming from the same place, same environment…?

There are a lot of people in the world and it makes no sense that we get to be the same. You have no right to wrong someone just because they are walking a different path than yours. Understand that we all come from different backgrounds. And whatever is wrong to you could be my right… And vice versa…

You cannot treat someone badly just because they hold a different passport or interested in different things or have different answers than yours. What makes you think that you’re right makes them also believe that they’re right..

Imagine you were born in a village that’s yellow; everything in it is yellow. The cars, streets, people’s hair, clothing…etc

And there is a village next door with people who grew in blue, everything that they do, wear, walk on is blue….

You lived your life believing that yellow is ‘the color’…. So imagine going to the blue village where people born to believe that blue is the color….. Can you imagine the argument you are going to get yourself in if you started telling them that yellow is it??? It’s totally against their nature…

We have to learn Acceptance. People think that acceptance is agreeing to other’s differences, that is completely wrong. You can accept other’s choices without letting it interfere with your life. I respect other people’s choices but it doesn’t mean that their choices influence mine.

Being different, doesn’t mean you’re wrong…. Aren’t we all right in our own ways? Unless you can rationally give me reasons on why I am wrong in whatever that I am doing,,, you can’t just hate on my choices….. based on your feelings or how your parents lived…. And even then I still have the choice whether I find your reasons good enough or no… Because I can easily agree to disagree and move on with my life.

I am able to sit with everyone; accept and respect everyone’s choices without being offended..

Acceptance is key to the good life. The more you accept, the peaceful your life will be..You will not be struggling with proving who’s right or wrong.. You’ll live and let live. 

That’s my motto in life by the way…..

The more you focus on your own path, you won’t have time to check how other people are walking..

There is nothing wrong with being different… There is something wrong with you if you think that being different is wrong…

Learn to accept because there are a lot of us in the world… And it is not possible for all of us to live like you……





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