How To Be A Good Reader?

I love writing about many things especially when it comes to sharing my knowledge and experiences to those who are interested.

And because of this specific statement I love asking what should my next topic be on my Instagram. You know I wouldn’t write anything that I am not experienced in, or maybe I am not well aware of…. So I received many topics and one particular topic has caught my attention.. Which was;

“How to be a good reader?”

Let’s do this,

What does being a good reader mean?

To be a good reader is far from being  a “fluent” reader.. Someone who can read very smoothly or fast? I think what I am trying to say is that someone who can fully comprehend whatever content they come across. Let the words sink in and be influenced by the right ones. Someone who reads on a regular basis with a purpose. You honestly don’t have to finish a book to be called a good reader. I believe that when a good reader senses that a book is not that interesting enough or capable of being a good influence they should just leave it aside and make more time for good books. ( But there is no harm in reading all books even the one’s you don’t like.. Do be able to differentiate what good books are and what the bad ones feel like)


“It’s okay to disagree with the thoughts or opinions expressed by other people. That doesn’t give you the right to deny any sense they might make. Nor does it give you a right to accuse someone of poorly expressing their beliefs just because you don’t like what they are saying. Learn to recognize good writing when you read it, even if it means overcoming your pride and opening your mind beyond what is comfortable.”

There are some people who read for the sake of reading. Or worse…. showing others that they are “readers” …. I promise, I know some.

Have you ever asked yourself ‘how this person behaves this way if they’re always reading’?

I am a full believer that when someone who is a good reader you can clearly tell by how their personality is; together and well-behaved. I have met a lot of people who aren’t good listeners and plainly rude… When they call themselves book lovers…… I truly doubt that.

*Good readers have the mind to be able to read anything even if it is provocative and still have an open mind to accept the differences and sometimes question things written without feeling offended.

**Good readers have the ability to decide what they should  be influenced by and what not….

((Don’t be like one of those who read and apply type of a person.

***Reading should help you expand your imagination and visionary. Being fixed minded with a tunnel vision won’t allow you to be a good reader.

> Tunnel vision: is the ability to see things only narrowed down in one way…

****Reading will help you expand your vocabulary. when you keep that in mind even the way you speak will be different.

***** Plan your readings time.

>>Let me share with you how I plan my readings.

I have a book on top of my nightstand// That’s my bedtime read.

I have lighter book to read on the go, whenever I’m waiting for someone in a coffee shop, or in the salon as I manicure, or maybe when I actually plan to go sit someplace to read outdoor…

then I have a book at my workplace, whenever I take a break I use that for my reading time…

And so on….

Each person has a different routine. Use that to fill your time with some good reads.

Not every famous or bestseller is a must have. I think you should follow your passion and care about what you want to preserve. Instead of getting books because they’re being sold much….

Now that I said that I have to mention this … One of the worst books I’ve read in my personal opinions is …… The Secret… YES! I said it…..

Personally I think the secret is scam and it’s just one big good commercial work.

This whole “law of attraction” isn’t for me. In my beliefs I can’t just sit in my room and wish…hope try to attract money for example? or a job?or anything you desire and not work for it…!hoping that it will just be there right at your door…..

And every time I visit the bookstore I find some other versions of the secret..It’s just a lot of merchandise as if one book couldn’t make the point…. You see my point?

Read everything and anything and make the best out of it…

That’s how you become a good reader.

In my opinion at least.


May you always be accompanied with a good book.

xo, S






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