A Bit of Sociology

In order to have a better communication skills besides all the things that we have learnt, there are still three things to be exact; that we should all know.

If you know under which category you stand you will have an easier life, I think..

Trust me in this, you will even cut people off your life because you will know your worth.

After reading this post you’ll be re-evaluating your relationships just to get rid off the extra weight haha! with that being said,,,,


It is said that there are three main personality traits that exists.

[ Parent | Mature | Child  ]

IMG_0374 IMG_0376-2

“Father” personality means that you are a giver, you make sure that the person in front of you is spoiled and well taken care of. You are the one to preach, protect and help at any time possible. You really don’t mind not getting anything back. In all relationships, I am not only specifying at one type of relationships.

Mature personality is the reasonable one. In order to give one must take. This personality is where the person is very logical and communicative. Their actions are based on facts and this person could be stable. They expect to get not exactly what they’re giving. But at least they are shown appreciation.

Child personality Having a child trait means that you are irresponsible, care only about yourself and will probably never give anything. Whether it was time, love, thoughts, feelings. They rather have everything given to them. They are spoiled, immature, and they want everything goes their way.

To have better relationship with people, you must know where do you fit between those three. For example a mature trait can never get along with a Childs trait because of the fact that a child will never give and a mature expect to get whatever they’re giving.

As for a father personality they get along pretty well with a child trait.

عشان تعرف شلون تتعامل و تتواصل مع الناس، لازم تعرف انت شنو شخصيتك و شلون تنمي مهاراتك. و في ثلاث حالات ذاتيه كلنا فينا هالحالات، بس فيه وحده طاغيه ف اهيا اللي تتحكم بعلاقاتنا

شخصية الاب: هذا الشخص يحب يعطي، بدون ما يفكر ان ياخذ بكل انواع العلاقات. يهتم بالشخص المقابل و يحب ينصحه، يهتم فيه و يداريه. و غالبا ما يفكر بنفسه

شخصية الطفل: يحب التملك و ما يفكر ان يعطي من نفسه على كثر ما يحب ياخذ. هالشخصيه عديمه المسؤولية، يفكر بنفسه و راحته

شخصية الناضج: هذا اللي يحب الموازنه على كثر ما يعطي يحب ياخذ، و هذه الشخصية منطقيه و عاقله. و يفضل بعلاقاته ان يكون فيه موازنه بين الاخذ و العطاء.

خل نفرض في علاقه بين شخصية “الطفل” و “الناضج”

واحد بس يبي ياخذ، الثاني يحب ياخذ و يعطي.. و العلاقات اللي اتكلم عنها مو ضروري تكون”حب و غرام😂” يعني بشكل عام.

بس علاقة “شخصية الاب” مع “شخصية الطفل” بتكون تقريبا “perfect”

انا عن نفسي الدنيا اخذ و عطا، اعترف اني ما احب اخذ بدون ما اعطي ولا اعطي بدون ما اخذ. هني انا اقدر اقيم العلاقات و الناس حواليني.. و شلون اتعامل معاهم..

اذا مهتم تقرا بتفاصيل هالموضوع اللنك تحت موجود. و شكرا

Xo Ms Poet

Source: Click Here – It’s in Arabic though…

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