Winter is Everything!

To me, my favorite season is Winter. I like everything that points cozy and warm. Let me be more specific yet might look so general but I like everything thats winter!   I love layering clothes. I mean I could be wearing anything and everything and it will still look fine. Let's put everything aside for [...]

My #ToGo winter outfit

I tried to find the exact pieces of what I actually own. If you knew me you know how I style myself. I promote simplicity in my way if styling. And what I love about winter is "layered clothing". This is actually my outfit 'every winter' #A #Must #Wear. ♥I can never have enough from [...]

Winter is coming let’s beach wave 

Since winter is around the corner, I thought I'd rock the waves more often. I always go for >straight hair< whether it was summer or winter and now I'm thinking I should wave it more often just because I know I'll keep it straight the whole season of winter. Anyways, This spray is one of [...]