Day 1: Your Blog’s Name

I wanted to wait for the 1st of November to actually work on this 30 days challenge. But right now I have a report due after tomorrow and you know how it is like when you are willing to do anything but the report... I took a nap/ate/watched a movie and did everything but to [...]


You know it's an obsession when you go get a second one. “The perfect nude lipstick should compliment your complexion and make you look healthy, not washed out. It shouldn’t be too matte or thick and opaque or it’ll look like you’re wearing concealer on your lips. Look for a creamy color, one that is [...]

Tomorrows post.

Working on more photography tips/tricks. If you have any specific question please do comment and I'll do my best to cover everything I receive. Already wrote and explained three tips for tomorrow's post. As I have asked in my Instagram and Twitter accounts and got some suggestions of what to talk about. Thank You xo Ms [...]