Kendall x Kylie’s Collection

I am truly blessed to know that I have this type of connection with people. A week ago I was contacted with one of TopShop's staff (Personal Shopper) *Nada: inviting me to the exclusive Kendall X Kylie's Collection. They told her to invite her VIP customers and for her to be contacting me literally made my [...]

Winter is Everything!

To me, my favorite season is Winter. I like everything that points cozy and warm. Let me be more specific yet might look so general but I like everything thats winter!   I love layering clothes. I mean I could be wearing anything and everything and it will still look fine. Let's put everything aside for [...]

My Take on Starbucks Evenings Menu Tasting

I think it's safe to say that I am a Starbucks fan. Not only all my project cases in uni revolves around Starbucks and its top management but  I am truly appreciative when it comes to their ability to create this type of atmosphere and keep  grounded. As a coffee enthusiast I was invited to Starbucks [...]

Day 11: 10 Favorite Foods

Pepperoni Pizza/Veggie Pizza Cheese Burger Fries  Pink Pasta Egg Benedict Medium well Steak with mushroom Tacos/Burritos  Anything Chicken Butter A good chicken wrap xD cuz not everywhere you get to have a good tasty one >.< arugula salad with pomegranate I want to add molten cake but it only says 10 haha  These are some [...]