Outrageous Curl Mascara Review

⇒ This is by far the best Mascara's  I have used.♥ ⇐ Let's see what Sephora's description says first: Don't get fooled by this small brush. The way it achieves those curls is beyond me. They don't clump as it gives a clean and neat curls. I'd have two coats and I'm good to go. I don't own [...]

Tuesday Tip #2 Photography

I have asked a question in my instagram account. and received some suggestions I could talk about this week's tip. What else could I help you with other than my photography skills/knowledge. As random as this post will be yet I hope it will help you somehow. P.S Monday tips are becoming more like "Any day [...]

Tomorrows post.

Working on more photography tips/tricks. If you have any specific question please do comment and I'll do my best to cover everything I receive. Already wrote and explained three tips for tomorrow's post. As I have asked in my Instagram and Twitter accounts and got some suggestions of what to talk about. Thank You xo Ms [...]