Collaboration with @fiftythree_shopq8

It's always fun to do collaborations.  Today I am bringing you an online store that does gift boxes comprising of makeup, flowers and chocolate.   It is very convenient for those who don't know what to get for a gift. You can just let them know what's your budget and they'll create this beautiful box with various [...]

I’m Getting Obsessed!! (Is It Just Me?)

So I literally figured it all out today. I think I'm getting a little bit obsessed in "makeup". I am no makeup junkie but I'm getting there. I caught myself saying 'Actually buying makeup is fun'!!.. It's just I honestly have more important things to buy. Yet, I find excuses to get more stuff.. You [...]


You know it's an obsession when you go get a second one. “The perfect nude lipstick should compliment your complexion and make you look healthy, not washed out. It shouldn’t be too matte or thick and opaque or it’ll look like you’re wearing concealer on your lips. Look for a creamy color, one that is [...]