5 Photography Tips for Beginners

I think those are really important tips to check out if you're new to photography.


Key To Success

I think my key to success or being motivated in general is to read.  Wait a minute,, not only read but understand and embrace the words that you're reading. I believe that words could make or break you and to that I am always on the look for specific mantra's to help me grow. Here… Continue reading Key To Success

Bloggin’ In Class… What Are You Waiting For??

I'm literally in class right now. 10.17 AM       You want to know what I was talking about yesterday? And I need your opinion about this..... So, We should all learn and convince ourselves to be legitimately and genuinely happy without the dependance of others. As in; We shouldn't wait for someone  or anyone to show… Continue reading Bloggin’ In Class… What Are You Waiting For??