Day 10: Best Trip of Your Life.

The whole purpose of 'Daily Blog challenge' is to be consistent. Which I am deeply guilty of not being one. So, I apologize.  Day 10 is about the best trip of my life, which without a doubt was my trip to Turkey. I have never felt the amount of happiness as much as I did when [...]


You know it's an obsession when you go get a second one. “The perfect nude lipstick should compliment your complexion and make you look healthy, not washed out. It shouldn’t be too matte or thick and opaque or it’ll look like you’re wearing concealer on your lips. Look for a creamy color, one that is [...]

Tuesday Tip #2 Photography

I have asked a question in my instagram account. and received some suggestions I could talk about this week's tip. What else could I help you with other than my photography skills/knowledge. As random as this post will be yet I hope it will help you somehow. P.S Monday tips are becoming more like "Any day [...]