The One With the iPhone Shots

The One With the iPhone Shots

When it comes to shooting/photography. I am a full believer that it's not all about the camera... It is mostly about who is behind it. I mean you could buy the most expensive camera out there but you still might not be able to take good quality photos; whereas you can have a cellphone aka an [...]

The Time I Went to Which Wich

  Which Wich is a fast casual kind of a restaurant chain. It is specialized in sandwiches and salads.  I got invited for the opening day last week but I couldn't make it. They were nice to actually ask me again "When can we coordinate your visit?" Few days ago. So I truly had to [...]

Winter is Everything!

To me, my favorite season is Winter. I like everything that points cozy and warm. Let me be more specific yet might look so general but I like everything thats winter!   I love layering clothes. I mean I could be wearing anything and everything and it will still look fine. Let's put everything aside for [...]