The Androgynous

Being the type of photographer that I am, I can surly say that I am moved by visuals. I am obsessed with everything thats simple yet on point. I am also indulged in getting to know other artists in seeing their perspectives in things. Having said that, I am bringing you today an account that [...]

My #ToGo winter outfit

I tried to find the exact pieces of what I actually own. If you knew me you know how I style myself. I promote simplicity in my way if styling. And what I love about winter is "layered clothing". This is actually my outfit 'every winter' #A #Must #Wear. ♥I can never have enough from [...]

collaboration with @mighzal_alarabkw

I believe in »simplicity«  I think that simple things are eye comforting, whether it was reflecting through photos, outfits or accessories. 'Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication' Wearing statement jewellery/accessories  has always been a choice of mine. I appreciate the approach by Mighzal Al Al Arab asking for my review, and in all honesty I [...]