You Are A Phenomenon

I sat still in front of this screen for a bit to figure out how should I start this post. I really want to express my appreciation not only for being a woman myself. But for all ladies out there.

We have been raised to always compete with other girls/to beat them with our looks/weight/grades/achievements/social status… and so on. At times you might be doing something that you don’t completely believe in, but working hard on it just to prove another girl that you can do it better. I myself, have never felt the need to compete with someone else. Not implicating that I am better but I just never felt jealous from any girl at all. because I have always believed that each of us has her own thing…. Also, I have always isolated myself as a young girl. I matured early if that’s ok to say. I filled my time with learning and reading all about self improvement. So it was a matter of competing with my yesterday self rather than someone else. And that itself was empowering and helpful to become the person I am today.

We get pressured to fill in this frame that has been built for us. To look a certain way. To talk a certain way. To behave a certain way. To get a certain job, to marry a certain guy. To be married at a certain age..And the list goes on.. We haven’t been taught how valuable we are by simply being completely ourselves. By loving ourselves in our own skin. You will usually hear some girl say “Sorry I look that way” When she’s not wearing makeup.. As if her bare skin is something she should feel ashamed from… Or feels like she’s not dressed up when she did not straighten her hair…As if her normal curls aren’t good enough.

You have got to learn to love the parts of you that nobody cares about or notices, You have got to be proud of your scares, they are a sign of battles well fought. Never assume or consider yourself as a victim. Believe that you are a survivor and stronger than anything this life will or has thrown at you. You go through what you go through and come out chinned up a survivor. Use your defeats as lessons learnt.

You are stronger than you believe yourself to be. Trust yourself to realize that you are capable of wonders. Educate yourself and see what other strong women have gone through. Please do not spend your time gossiping about other girls and putting them down. Be the reason other ladies feel better about themselves. Raise up your voice saying all those beautiful things inspiring the women around you; instead of crushing them down.
I hope you realize how your words do matter and they have and impact on everyone else.

You matter. You are valued. You might not have been told that by the people you surround yourself with, or even your family. But I promise you that you are beautiful and I bet that you are trying… I do know how sometime’s we burn ourselves to get noticed and cared for; even if this ended up as a complete failure. Knowing that you have tried and gone all the way, shows that you are a kind person, you are caring and thoughtful. Keep using your powers to heal the world and spread your love as far as possible, and it is always possible.

Don’t dim your light in order to make others comfortable. As you are leveling up pull those behind you. another woman’s success doesn’t mean your failure. Each one of us has her own path and journey to go through. Please do not be intimidated by another woman’s life. But use her shine to inspire you and light your way to be a better person yourself. Let your existence always help others grow emotionally and mentally. Let others feel warmth when you are in the room with them.

Do not spread hate, anger, jealousy, envy… This negative energy will effect you first before anyone else. I know it could be hard sometime’s but I promise you the sooner you realize than no woman out there is your competition; you will feel much lighter and positive and free. Don’t use another woman’s life as a scale of beauty or success.. You are your own kind of beautiful.

No matter whatever you do, or wherever you are. You are good enough. It doesn’t matter if people could see that or not. What matters that you believe it. Be confident about your own spirit in your own skin, it’s unique there is only one You; and that is your power.
Always take care of your soul by nurturing yourself with kindness, love and care.

Please see beyond your looks. You don’t have to be pretty you don’t owe that to anyone out there.  “Prettiness is not a rent you pay for occupying a space marked ‘female.”

Whether you are single, married, a business woman, a student, or lost in life not knowing what the hell you want to do. It isn isn’t easy and it’s ok. Every part we do is crucially important. Being a stay home mom or a growing entrepreneur is equally great. Do not take a woman’s role lightly. There is a saying that I really love but can’t get the words right but it goes something like that >> If you educated a man, you taught one man. If you educated a woman, you have taught a society.

Being a strong woman doesn’t mean aggressive, intimidating or defensive(specifically)
A strong woman is a kind one, is helpful, is supportive, loyal, patient, honest, wise, inspiring, ambitious, fearless, thoughtful, a housewife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a single mom, a student….. A strong woman should be all of us in every role we occupy in this life. We can be stronger when we lift each other up.

Lastly, I want to wrap this by saying being a feminist doesn’t mean that we have to put the men down and crush them; Or claim that we are better than them. It’s about making sure that we are here, we do matter and we are valued despite what anyone else out there thinks. As we are capable of being or doing far more than what you expect us to be or do. I have thoughts and I will write them, I have a voice and I will use it; To make sure that we all have what it takes to be inspired and achieve whatever we want. Or simply live life our own way. My life is my message and I will make sure it reaches the moon.

In whichever field that you believe you are good at. Educate yourself to be better at it. You have no one in this life to prove that you are good enough but yourself. Be proud of who you are. A woman. That is you; a phenomenon.

*I hope one day we will get to live in a world with less hatred and anger. And instead this world would be filled with more love, support and respect.

I will share with you few inspiring videos in case you were interested to check them out:

xo S

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