How To Be A Better Person

First of all, there is no particular way to be a better person. You could do your own search and find what’s best for you to follow and do to become one. In this post I will share with you my thoughts on how to become a better person according to my point of view and experiences. Let’s do this:

Wanting to be a better version of yourself doesn’t mean you are closer to being ‘perfect’. Being a better person means that you acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses. To be aware not only of your actions but your intentions. There is no meaning in doing good if you don’t intend good.

There are a lot of people will go all the way for a good image or a reputation but it doesn’t make you a better person if you don’t believe that what you do is truly genuine and came from a good heart. This is why you should focus internally to how you actually feel and let your actions follow.

Wanting to be a better person will benefit you first. When you seek goodness, you should always start from within. This will definitely take you on the journey… let’s say ‘cleansing’ the spirit. You will be aware that there are many things that we do; aren’t really good for our well-being. (emotional and mental health). We might think a little gossiping here and there is fine, being judgmental at times is ok… We believe that comparing one to another is harmless.. Or maybe lie a bit even about irrelevant things, that it is not ‘so bad. We don’t realize by doing those things on a daily basis we get to dig our own hole of shame, mental and emotional pain. Thinking that others are better than you or maybe claim that you are better than some people is not good for your health.

Being a better person is not easy. We tend to prefer to live on an autopilot mode and rarely care about the consequences. Where being a better person means you are well aware of what you do and what is the cause and effect of your doings. Don’t worry I will list the ways in bullet points in a while but before that let us dive in
why we want to be better people?

You want to be a person with discipline. someone with values and principles. You want to be inspiring, helpful and supportive. Being a better person means you are there for you as much as you are there for anybody else. To live a life that actually feels good; guilt free and have people accept you, trust you and want to actually be around you. You want to be a person with credibility. As anybody else you would also want to have a sense of entitlement.
However you want to be will always effect your life whether it was your career, relationships or self growth.
Sometime’s wanting to be a better person is hard because you are 100% responsible for your actions. So, a lot of us skip that because they don’t really want to take responsibility; it is easier to blame someone else or a past situation… for your mistakes or current (actions) instead of owning your life.

Shifting your mindset needs determination and reasons. You can’t just wake up one day decide to change to something else without knowing the reason why?
Your answer to that question will be your motivation. Adapt to the idea that you are always becoming. With this mindset you give yourself a chance that you are growing and you are changing (improving).
Because what usually happens sometimes someone want to change and be better but they have this belief that it’s over for them.. That it is too late… I don’t know where they got this idea from but I have to say this loud and clear. It is Never Over until you are not breathing anymore. We can always fix, change grow… as long as we are alive. No matter how low you might think your life is; one step at a time could take you higher. It is never about reaching the peak only… It is about the journey itself. Take a deep breath and know that wherever you are, whoever you are. You can be better by believing that you do deserve a good life. Even the worst people have a chance improving if they decided that they should.

Here is a list of things I believe that will make you a better person:

  • Be honest and straightforward.
  • Be forgiving when it is possible. It is always possible.
  • Be thoughtful and aware of others and their emotions/way of thinking.
  • Don’t make excuses and start taking responsibility.
  • Apologize when you are wrong.
  • Be willing to change and improve.
  • Be tolerant with others actions/reactions. You have no idea what anyone out there is going through.
  • Good words go a long way.
  • Be kind to yourself and others.
  • Be grateful
  • Support others in what they do
  • Be a good listener
  • Let go of negativity, jealousy, envy, anger, hatred, comparison, shaming others for things that are clearly out of control, bullying, lying, misleading, manipulating, hypocrisy.
  • Ask for clarification. Before assuming anything; Ask for others to clarify so you can act accordingly.
  • Not everything deserves a reaction. When you learn to discipline yourself and become more aware of your self worth; you will realize that not everything deserves to gain your attention.

If there is is something I would love for you to do is to read more. Reading has helped me be a better person. Read different genre’s of books. Biographies will help humble you, self help will help discipline you. Fiction will encourage you to be more imaginative and aware of different aspects of things/people.

In the end, it is really important to surround yourself with the right crowd. Make sure you create a good environment for you. Not everyone will accept your change; especially when you are changing to the better. Some will take that as a challenge and others will laugh it off. Know that you are your longest commitment. Are you willing to do that investment? If you don’t use your time and energy to help better yourself then what are you using your energy and time for?

xo, S

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