Reminders by J: Commit to your Life’s Purpose. + EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT!

“The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, or gives you a sense of meaning, joy, or passion.”

The meaning of life is to do what you were born to do. Some people have figured out what their “thing” is, while others are still unsure. It can be discouraging not knowing what your calling is, because after a while, doubt seeps in and you can start to think that maybe you don’t have one at all… maybe you aren’t gifted. But I truly believe that every single person on this earth is put here for a reason. We all have something; sometimes it’s just not as clear what our “something” is. Usually when a person’s calling is something that can be easily and directly seen or heard (e.g. artists, actors, musicians, sculptures) it’s easier for that person to realize what their calling is. Whereas if a person’s calling is something less obvious (e.g. healers, teachers, story tellers) it may be harder for them to recognize it. Other times we do recognize our talents or passions, but we do not grasp that it is our calling or mission in life.

Can you have more than one passion or talent?

The answer is yes. You shouldn’t limit yourself to choosing one thing, especially when you are interested in many things. Though I do believe that we each have a certain passion that just slightly stands out to us from the rest of the things that we may be passionate about; I think you can always try to incorporate your calling into your other interests or passions. To elaborate, let us say that you are really passionate about motivational speaking, art, and fashion; but motivational speaking stands out the most out of your other passions. You can be a motivational speaker and have your art being projected behind you while you speak, and obviously you can display your fashion sense by dressing yourself (…fashionably). Another thing you could do is create art that carries the same messages that you discuss during your motivational speeches. You can do the same with your fashion, you can combine all 3 things, or you can also do all 3 separately but focus on the one you feel most connected to.

Why it’s important?

Many people lay on their deathbeds with a list full of regrets. To live your life fully, to do what you were put here to do is the only way that you will not be one of those people. To live a life with no regret is to live everyday purposefully. You are not living purposefully if you are ignoring your life’s purpose. Not living a life of purpose will surely affect your mental health. It is hard to live feeling genuinely happy if you are not doing what you were born to do.

How to do it:

  • Make time– Carve the time out of your days to work on what you’re passionate about. Make it a daily habit that you spend some time everyday on it.


  • Say goodbye to your comfort zone– put your ideas onto paper, and go for it. Stop lying to yourself and thinking that you’re waiting for the right time and place. Just start, and work on it every day, little by little.


  • Don’t be afraid to expand– sometimes we assume that if something is our calling in life we should automatically be an expert at it. No. Even naturally born talented singers need a vocal coach. Learn more; seek knowledge from others who have mastered it, and do it but in your own way.


  • Focus inward– let your focus become centered more on what you think is best and less on what others’ think. You do not want to be derailed into always doubting your abilities and you do not want to be extremely dependent on other people (especially when it is regarding your passions). You also don’t want to forget that you are the one that is born with tools specifically designed for you and for no one else, so trust yourself more.


I think that it is safe to say that we have been conditioned into thinking that our talents and passions should be named hobbies. That they should always be seen as a side thing, something of less importance; such ideas have been ingrained in us, and we should aim to unlearn them. I do not believe that we were put on this earth to just copy each other and live mindlessly like sheep (no offence to sheep, y’all are great). Each and everyone one of us has a personal mission; so dedicate your time to it. Don’t waste your life floating.

I’ve personally taken steps to ensuring that I’m on this path of fulfilling my life’s mission and of dedicating my time to my passions. Today I’m sharing with you something I’ve been working on for quite a while!!

I introduce to you a piece of my soul put into digital form:

I created a website dedicated to sharing my message while actively carrying out what I’m passionate about on a regular basis. To briefly explain it, the website will be covering similar topics that I have been sharing here but it will not be constricted to the format of Reminders by J. The topics are all self-help and motivation related, with a more personal touch. Though I will also be sharing more lighter and fun topics unrelated to self-help (things like music, favorites, beauty and so on.)

I’m also excited to tell you that you are the first to hear about my website! & I will provide a more detailed explanation (in video format) soon.

For those who have been following the Reminders by J series, fear not! This is not the end. I will still be posting reminders. My website is just bonus content! So if you enjoy my writing, I am sure you will love the existing and upcoming blog posts on the bloomxj website.


Find me here → Instagram + Bloomxj Website!


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