5 Top Favorite Books

This year’s to be read book list was 15 books. When I started reading my first book in January I honestly did not think that I’d top the 15 books. I am currently reading book number 23 which is Educated by Tara Westover. I enjoyed a lot of the books I have read this year and I still have two more months to go so let’s see how many I’ll end up wrapping by the end of this year.

I decided to pick my top five books out of the twenty two one’s I have read. Thinking it would be obvious and easy but it was actually hard.

  • Own Your Everyday By Jordan Lee Dooley
  • The Book Of Mistakes By Skip Prichard
  • The Motivation Manifesto By Brendon Burchard
  • Veronika Decides To Die By Paulo Coelho
  • The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

The choices weren’t easy to take but I think those are the books that are stiill stuck with me and I will share with you why in a bit.. But will only brief you. You will probably find some reviews posted on Instagram if you searched under the hashtag #coffiishotreads.


Own Your Everyday

is the book that you should hold close with you always. I believe Jorden said it all because she really tells us that we shouldn’t be always be running around doing something or reading something because it is expected of us. To be busy to be creative to be functioning always…
“It is hard to be joyful when I allow someone else’s happiness to make me miserable.” This book is by a woman for all the women out there. Not only I recommend it for everyone but I insist that you take the time to read this one. The fierce Jordan Lee Dooley wrote exactly what was on my mind, and it feels as if the time reading this book was a one on one conversation with her. This book talks about how women feel the pressure to prove themselves to people around them and society by being everything to everyone and doing everything to everyone. The pressure to do it all to be called “successful”. Yet, some of them may still feel lost and unworthy… One quote that really hit me. “We are human beings not human doings.” She goes on to talk about different aspects in every woman’s life like:• -Finding your passion
-Being labeled
-Getting the job/living the dream/setting goals
-Dealing with the dirt in your life
-Comparison (Cheering for others)
-Expectations -Disappointments
-Self Awareness and many more…..

The Motivation Manifesto

I’d call this book your pocket book, even though the size isn’t really a pocket size but to have it with you at all times.
“I shall be the guardian of my mind, body and soul. I must stand at the gates of my life and protect myself from unwanted contaminants; negative information, people and habits.”
••A life changing book.
This book if applied right will definitely change your life. It starts by sharing the aspects of our motivation. We are either motivated by fear or freedom. 
Wee were conditioned to fear many things that are in fact illusion, and are only limiting us from our personal freedom to achieve and become authentically who we’re supposed to be. 
The book shares many phycological perspectives on human nature and how are we operating.. And how should we be operating. The questions it asks are way too deep that they make you change your way of thinking and thoughts in many things in your life and in you. 
There are 9 declarations that you should claim to gain your personal power
-To Meet Life With Full Presence And Power
-To Claim Our Agenda
-To Defeat Our Demons
-To Advance With Abandon
-To Practice Joy And Gratitude
– Not Breaking Integrity.
-To Amplify Love
-To Inspire Greatness
-To Slow Time
Each of those declaration is explained in detail/ by chapters. >We must remember we are not the sum of our intentions but of our actions< 🙏🏽 I am truly amazed how amazing this book is. All the information were just perfect… Nothing too little or too much. Brendon Burchard is a genius.

Veronika Decides To Die

Paulo Coelho never fails to surprise me. This novel is something else. It’s about a 24 years old Veronika who even though she has everything and living the good life but can’t seem to enjoy it so she decides that she should just end her life with sleeping pills. Somehow her plan doesn’t work so she wakes up in a mental hospital and for me the mental hospital incarnated the real life. The situations that was happening inside the hospital was meant to reflect what is actually happening outside it. Wanting to kill yourself and being told that you only have few days to live are two different things. When Dr Igor told Veronika that because of her overdose now she has a condition and they don’t really know how long she got until she dies… That is the real deal. Read it to know how Veronika decides to live? or die?

The Book Of Mistakes

This is a self help book but written as a fable like. It reminded me of “The Leader Who Had No Title” By Robin Sharma. Similar concept. 9 mistakes told by complete strangers and it’s for David to decide whether those lessons should mean something to him or not. As his life starts to change the sooner everything unfolds. Those 9 mistakes are done by us unconsciously and when we are aware of them; our whole life will be turned around. This book will help you discover your personal purpose and be aware of your capabilities and avoid making the same mistakes over and over again.

The Metamorphosis

To be someone who is living on the margin of life is heart breaking. Especially this negligence is coming from your own family. For someone to think that they are the only financial supporters to the family yet, realizes that the members of the family could actually go on without them is just unbelievable. When you learn more about Kafka’s relationship with his father in the real life, you would connect it directly to his writings. Whatever he created and wrote it was always a reflection of the father/family-son relationship.. But this book was too awful because it speaks about a man named Gregor Samsa who one day woke up to find himself transformed into a huge insect… And to see how the family is dealing with it and being disgust by it was truly nerve wrecking because the idea that their son has just disappeared and nobody was 100% truly concerned and in question could really give you a heartache.

What are some of your favorite books you have read this year?

xo S

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