Reminders by J: Getting Grounded.


“Being “grounded” means how much one is physically, psychically, energetically, and spiritually connected, steadied, or tied to the earth.”


Why it’s important:

Getting grounded enables you to switch your mental lenses from zoomed in, to zoomed out. This means that instead of being so focused on dissecting your daily life, struggles, and to do’s, you are now able to step outside that and look at everything as a whole. You are on this earth along with 7 billion others. Everyone is moving, going places, and doing things. The earth you are on right now is floating, spinning in the middle of endless blackness. It is surrounded by other floating planets. Suddenly things don’t seem so hard anymore. By adjusting your mind lenses from being zoomed in, to out, you are diminishing this urgency to do things, this urgency to fix problems and so on.


How to do it:

  • Look at the sky. The sky in all its glory is endless. It is one of the greatest reminders of how magical being alive is; and the best thing about it is that all you need to do is to simply just look up.


  • Breathe. Deep breathing helps calm the nervous system. Use your breath as an anchor whenever you feel like you’re floating. Let the breath slow your roll and ground you.


  • Walk barefoot outside. Remove the barrier between you and the earth and take off your shoes once in a while. Walk on the grass or on the sand. Feel the solidity of earth beneath you.


  • Focus on your sensations. Right now I’m at a coffeeshop, my laptop is on my lap, I feel it’s weight, I feel the firmness of each key that I press down on as I’m typing, I feel the beat of the music that I’m listening to vibrate into my ears, I see my thoughts being displayed as words on a screen, I feel the cold sensation of my breath travelling down my body and out again. -Spend a moment where you really focus on all these little things. You will be able to feel grateful for them again. You will feel alive.


  • Spend time in nature. Be with the trees, the flowers, the sky above you, and the dirt beneath you. Connect with the earth and you will feel grounded in it.


  • Visualize. Close your eyes while standing up or lying down on the floor and visualize a line going from inside your body all the way down into the core of the earth. Feel the earth supporting and strengthening you.


  • Remember. “The universe is for me, and so is everything else.”


“Feeling grounded, to me, means feeling anchored: on my heart’s truth, my personal values, on this moment.”

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