Life Decisions

One of the ladies on my Instagram asked me a question yesterday that I did answer through the insta story. Few days ago, I have been asked a similar question on twitter. So, I thought I would dedicate a whole blog post for this topic. Even though I will not cover everything I want to talk about but will surely share my insights and experiences the best way I can.

One of the hardest times you might go through in your life, is the time you realize that your life is under your control. Somehow you are left with all those options before you waiting to be chosen. Obviously you end up being scared because you don’t want to pick the wrong choice, So, you end up living in fear and always skeptic with everything that is going on in your life with wonders if you have made the right choice or are you going to make the right ones?.
A lot of time is spent stressing and worrying of what will happen instead of actually laying your options and reasons of why you have those options before you. Let me explain more;
After graduating from high school I needed to pick a major to start my college classes. I had different options and reasons to choose which from which… But I chose one out of three majors I placed in front of me because it felt right at the time. If you asked me right now, I would say that I made a mistake and I should have chosen something else. But you know what… If I haven’t chosen the major I chose already I wouldn’t have been the person I am today.
I don’t want to get into details because I have a lot to cover.
What I really wanted to say is that there are a lot of time we chose the wrong option, we have done the wrong thing, we have walked the wrong path, we have been with the wrong people. But when you truly focus on yourself you will see that even the wrong path you have walked has changed you. Made you a different person; hopefully more wiser, stronger, cautious… Knowing that you have taken a wrong path means you are one step forward into the realization that you have been in the wrong path, that should be a good reason to start working toward placing yourself in the right path or walking away from the wrong crowd.
I am a strong believer that nothing in this life is a coincidence. This is why I am ok with everything that happens to me(because it actually happening For me); I read a line today in this book I am reading it said: Help yourself so God helps you. You just don’t stand still and pray to God that things should go a certain way, or maybe you get the job you have always wanted, or things be easier. You work hard, smart, and become strong because nothing comes easy in life. And it’s not always about luck. Sometime’s hard work pays off.

The thing about us humans is that most of the times we know what’s best for us, what fixes us; but we are addicted and obsessed with everything that hurts us. Attached to all the wrong things that makes us feel less than what we are. And my dear friends, life with all its chaos, it is not as complicated as we make look like or feel. It is truly much simpler. One of my top favorite books is The Alchemist, the reason why is because it reminded me that everything is within the palm of my hands. We go in search for the answer and forgot that it’s right here in our hearts. Call it energy or vibes; some things just don’t feel right. Whether you read otherwise or have been told otherwise…. It just doesn’t click. This also reminded me of a friend who asked to share a list of books that could help her nurture her thoughts to make a decision that will change her life. So, I simply told her that no matter what you read whether it was books, quotes or versus. No matter who you talk to even myself. In the end she is the only one who knows what’s best for her. She should search within herself and she will surely find the answer. I do believe that there are things in life shouldn’t be taken literally from other people… Those exact things should be felt and experienced on your own. Even if you made the wrong choice; IT surely has a thing to teach you. And after all, failure is only a part of success. when you fail at a thing doesn’t mean that it’s the end. Means that this way isn’t working; find another one.

The main thing that you should be doing is to be completely honest with yourself. Make decisions that feels like you. Don’t live your life according to other people or make decisions that would please everyone but yourself. No one has to suffer the consequences but you. Nobody is going to live your life but you. This is a main reason why your decisions should be yours to take. Yes, you could always ask for help but the last word should be yours; Create the life that you want to live; not one that only looks good for others to compliment. After all, people’s words shouldn’t be the foundation of your life because eventually it will wreck;

In the end, it is all about who are you influenced by? What kind of life you want to live? Are you aware of the signs around you? the red flags? Are you conscious of what triggers you? What feels right and what doesn’t?…. Those little details make the most difference in your life.
Always keep an open mind and do what’s good for you. After all nobody has to live with the results of your choices but yourself.

xo S

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