Because You Are Not A Half.

A lot of people out there are running around trying to find their ‘other half’. A lot of people are in a serious search for that person to complete them. but you know what is the worst thing? Is trying to find someone to complete you but you have no idea who you are in the first place.
You see people pairing with others and as soon as they become together things go wrong. They end up saying words like “This is not what I wanted” “I think I deserve better” “How the hell did I get myself into this” and so on…….

The reason behind those statements is because the decision that was made to get into that relationship in the first place was impulsive. You have been alone for a long time so you could not believe that a person said hi to you,,,, you ran to get together in fear of “ending up alone.” you might have lowered your standards or changed some of your life principles to match someone else’s just so you could end up with them.

When you are comfortable with who you are, you will find it ok to be with someone who isn’t exactly like you. I believe one of the main mistakes people make is trying to find people who are like them…. Yes, I would love to have someone who matches my values but not my hobbies and interests. You shouldn’t look around for someone who is just like you. You wont be having any chances to actually grow because all those conversations will be similar…… And your chance of growth will be zero.

Take your time to figure your likes and dislikes; stand your ground when it comes to principles and values. And when this happens, you will find it easy to respect your partner’s life choices. A lot of people end up in selfish relationships. Each person wants to do whatever they want even on his/her partners expense…. And that’s not a healthy relationship.

Because when you do all this soul searching you would build boundaries and limits others cannot cross. By that I mean people won’t be able to treat you less than what you deserve or belittle you; you simply won’t allow it… Because you know where you stand. You know your worth.

When you are comfortable with yourself, you will find it joyful to support your partner in what they do instead of getting upset on why they are not following your footsteps.

I read somewhere a line that kind of stuck with me, Changed a lot of my perspectives.
I can’t remember the exact words but it went something like “You will never become, you are always becoming.” This line gave me a sense that I should always keep going. As long as I am alive I am always becoming something better, stronger, wiser, kinder… so on.

Do not let the words of others define your life or ‘you’ as a person. Do not let the choices of other’s be a railway to your destinations.

When you find someone let them walk beside you, get to know you. Let the choice for wanting someone else is to have someone supporting you as you support them. Being there for you through your ups and downs. Someone who will not only cheer when you’re on top of your game but lends you a hand when needed. Someone who will not blur you out of the picture because they are secretly jealous from your successes But places the focus on you and praise you in front of others.

When you know yourself more, you’d know exactly who you want to attract or be with. You will never settle for anything less than what you deserve. This is why it is extremely important to be confident about your choices. And how can you be confident when you don’t know yourself well enough? Your personality will be shaky and any word could stir your emotions and thoughts.

Let that someone be a plus to your life…
Let that someone who shares your tears also shares your laughs.
Don’t run around looking for someone to complete you
because you are not a half..

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