Reminders by J: Tune In.

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“When we tune inward, we merge into the expanded awareness of love.”

Sometimes we just lose touch. The same way that you can lose touch with people, it is sometimes even easier to lose touch with yourself. And in the same way that you can try your best to stay in touch with people, you can should need to stay in touch with yourself. This is where self check-ins or in other words, tuning into yourself, comes in. I can recall many times that I’ve felt lost, or like somehow who I am has faded. I think such moments are a result of a lack of self connection. In order to connect with ourselves, we must continuously tune inward.


Why it’s important:

Tuning in reconnects you back to yourself. It may sound silly; how could one possibly disconnect from their own self? It is hard to visualize, because we see ourselves as one whole being. I will break it up into factors so that it can be easier to understand.

  1. Our physical self. By being disconnected from our physical body, we can neglect or forget to take care of our body. This is very common. Sometimes we forget or neglect to nourish our bodies properly; we can do this by not sleeping enough, not eating or drinking properly, and not being hygienic etc…
  2.  Our emotional self. To be disconnected emotionally is actually quite common too. It happens to all of us. Sometimes we don’t allow ourselves to feel; or more commonly, we don’t allow ourselves to let our feelings sink in. We push emotions aside and avoid them. This is what it means to be disconnected from our emotional selves. This can be recognized through questioning “how do I feel” and the answer going along the lines of “I don’t know how I feel”. A lot of the time, not knowing how you feel indicates a disconnection from the emotional self.
  3. Our mental state. Sometimes we can even be disconnected from our own mind. This doesn’t mean we stop thinking, in fact we could be thinking a lot, just not about the things we need to be thinking about. In a sense, this is like avoiding the hard things that we need to deal with mentally.


How to do it:

  • Ensure that you are checking in with every part of yourself (physically, emotionally and mentally) on a regular basis.


  • Ask yourself the following three questions on a daily basis:

1. How does my body feel, and what does it need?

2. What am I feeling emotionally and why?

3. What is on my mind? What do I need to be concerning my thoughts with at the moment?


  • Make time to do what your body needs. If you haven’t been eating the healthiest, make sure to nourish your body with more greens. If you have been sitting in the same spot for hours, make sure to get up and stretch. If you haven’t been moving your body enough, make time to exercise or move in whatever way best suits you and your body. All the nourishment your body needs, whether it be internal like sleep, good food, movement, or external, like taking care of your skin, hair, and teeth etc… Ask yourself what you need, and make sure to stay on top of it. (Pamper days are a must!)


  • Let your feelings in. Good or bad, let it all in. If you are happy, really and truly connect with that sense of happiness you are feeling and try to stay with that feeling for as long as possible (more about this topic and the benefits of it on a previous blogpost). If you are sad, let yourself be sad. If you need to cry, cry. Let it out. Avoiding bad feelings is essentially a form of keeping them in; the longer you keep it in, the more it is going to build up and the more it will end up hurting you and those around you. Face the hard things head on. Feelings are hard, sometimes scary to fully let yourself feel, but it is always better to do so. Don’t go to bed with feelings unfelt. Truly be one with yourself and feel every part of yourself. You will only become stronger from doing so.


  • Similarly, you need to let your thoughts in. Think about all that you need to think about. Make time to think about any thoughts that have been nagging at you; thoughts that you’ve not been dealing with mentally. Have quiet time to yourself to listen to your mind. What has been running through it all day? What state is it in? Create room in your mind to actually be able to think clearly. You can do this by meditating (and if you cringe at the word, just simply think of it as a clearing of the mind). You clean your body, your physical space, and your digital space… but you also need to clean your mind. Silence your thoughts by focusing on one thing, like your breathing and stay with that for as long as you can. This clears up space in your mind and helps you feel lighter as a whole.


  • Schedule self check-ins (I suggest making it a weekly thing). For example: deciding that Saturday mornings will be your self check-in days. So every Saturday morning you go somewhere by yourself and you tune into yourself, by asking the 3 questions stated above and basically communicating /connecting with yourself. Ensuring that all your needs are being met, and that you are the best that you can be.


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