A Space Much Needed



It has been me, I have been the one who needed a lot of “me time.” It felt natural to desire a time free of obligations and social expectations. While others looked at it as being “weird;” I found it most soothing and productive.

Why do we need a space away from people and society? Matter of fact, why not?

It is good to be around so many people even if they’re different from you, actually, it’s great to engage in a diverse society or group. However, being around plenty of people with many opinions can sometimes make you lose a bit of yourself; a little bit of your “authenticity.” Spending your time mainly around people or basing your life around certain people is not healthy. As a human being, we should long to know ourselves, love ourselves and connect with ourselves more. What better way to do it than having your own space?

How to have a “me time”?

– You can start with simply  going for a walk by yourself in the morning. It gives you time to reflect and think calmly.

– Take yourself out on a date, go for coffee and a good book. It’s an incredible way to silence the outside loudness. It will reinforce peace within you as well.

– Meditation is key to ultimate happiness and satisfaction. Finding inner peace is a must.

As for me, I indulge in being with myself. I appreciate myself more when I find a time free of everything and everyone. Taking a much needed space to reflect on life and evaluate my decisions.

Don’t neglect your need for some time alone. Never.

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