The Power Within.


I think everyone has experienced feeling like the world has ended for them. Like nothing will be better ever again. I think in moments like these, we will benefit greatly from remembering that everything outside of us is still the same. The park that I go to for my morning runs is still the same. Trees, plants and flowers still exist, still there, beautiful as ever. If I look up, the sky will still be there. The sun still rises every morning. People still commute to work… and so on. So since things haven’t changed outside of me, that must mean that what is inside of me is what has changed. The park that I run in every morning; the same one that has brought me peace of mind, energy, and connection to nature and the world around me, is still there. Nothing has changed with that park, and it can still make me feel the way it once did, the only difference is what’s within me. Trees that made me feel grounded, and gave me fresh oxygen to breathe in, they are still there, rooted strong in the ground. Plants and flowers that once had me in awe of their beauty; growing in the most peculiar places, still, remain the same. The sky that kept me humble, that reminded me of how small I am, is still there. I hope you get my point by now. The good news about this is that I and I alone, have control over what is inside of me. Knowing that, I can truly conquer anything. All it takes is willpower and time. Time is something we all have. Willpower on the other hand, that is something that isn’t just handed to us. That is the deciding factor of whether we can rise above and live a great life or not. To find willpower, we must dig deep. So remember that only you have the power to change how you feel, and dig deep to find this power. It is within us all. Remember that thoughts create feelings and you create thoughts. Therefore, you decide what to think, and ultimately how to feel. You have control, use it.


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