How to Start the Year Right.

Since it’s the beginning of a new year I’m going to share with you what I am doing to start the year right. It is a great chance to start fresh, a new page if you will. I am taking it as an opportunity to better the quality of my life.

My 2019 theme:

I like to start every year with a theme for myself, depending on what I feel I need the most. This year my theme or focus will be on my “inner world.” This means I will be focusing on my inner self, and on what is going on in my head. I will be focusing on healing, nurturing and programming my mind for the better. (I will talk more about this in a separate blogpost.)

So what am I doing differently this year?

First I wrote down in as much detail as possible, what I imagine my dream life to look like. I wrote what time I did certain things sort of like an in-depth routine. Some of the things I wrote down were things that I could incorporate into my days immediately and other things need more time (things like renting my own office and starting a business etc…) After figuring out what my ideal life looked like,  I focused on the parts that I can do right now.

I also decided to go back to bullet journaling this year. Personally, I found that bullet journaling keeps me organized and accountable. Although when I used to bullet journal I was very general and broad in the tasks I wrote myself (e.g. –Workout.), that it became repetitive and boring. So this time around I am going to make it more detailed (e.g. –Do a 15 minute HIIT workout, and a 30 minute jog).

How I’m going to do it?

I used to jump right into my goals—head on, and that ultimately lead me to giving up on them. This year I am going to go about this differently, hopefully in a way that will enable me to achieve my goals. Speaking of applying my “ideal life” I tried to integrate it slowly and bit by bit, so that I don’t get overwhelmed and give up. For example if my ideal life starts with me waking up with the sunrise (let’s say that that is at 5AM). Right now I wake up naturally around 9AM, so every day I will set my alarm for 5 minutes earlier until I am able to wake up at 5. In this case I will set it at 8:55, then 8:50 the day after, and then 8:45 the day after that and so on.

Another example is exercise; first I imagine what my ideal self in my ideal life would be doing as a form of exercise whether I see myself running, boxing, or strength training. Something I enjoy doing. I start by easing myself into it, so if I currently exercise 3 times a week, I can slowly increase that to 4 times a week or more.  I can also increase the length and intensity of my workouts as I go. So the idea is to take it slow and easy, everything is a process, and if you skip parts of the process it won’t go as planned.

What I am NOT going to do:

I used to make a massive list of things I wanted to achieve in a year, and expect myself to achieve them just like that. This year I will avoid setting many goals and high expectations for myself, and rather focus more on the process of reaching a few doable goals. After all, bite size pieces are easier to chew than big chunks. Rather than leaping to reach the finish line, I will crawl, at my own pace.

I say this to myself as much as to whoever is reading this right now… be honest with yourself. Be honest with where you are at in your life right now, and how much you can accomplish, and how fast or slow you can accomplish it. Be realistic, be honest with yourself, and hold your own hand to get where you want to go. Remember that it is not about how many goals you’ve reached, or how fast you’ve reached them. It is about the journey, as life is a journey and not a destination. Embrace the process, take your time with it, and enjoy it.

I wish you all a year of continuous growth and peace.

Happy New Year.

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