Hello 2019

I want to start this post by stating how grateful I am for everything that I have been through. Whether it was the good times or the bad times.

2018 was the year were I became more embracing to everything. It is the year where I truly realized that everything happens for me and not to me. By the end of 2017 I actually talked myself out from planning and creating so specifically and let some of the things happen the way they should without any mental, emotional or physical interference from me.

There are a lot of things changed in me this year. I became more settle and emotionally calm. It was more about controlling and realizing my emotions, thoughts and actions than trying to control how others react or feel. I became more understanding of others and did my best to understand their point of views, even those who tried to hurt me in any kind of way. I became more accepting of others and how they behaved as I haven’t trying to change any of the people around me which gave me a sense of peacefulness. Unless someone wants to actually change, you really cannot do anything about it.

One of the books I have read this year was ‘The Leader Who Had No Title” By Robin Sharma| The Concept of this book has stuck with me and I think it will always be a part of my life. A lot of people worry about titles and they always claim how they want to change things when they reach certain positions in life, or business… etc The less you actually cared about the title the more you achieved. I believe that I became more invested in being myself and showing others how simplicity is in fact the ultimate sophistication without having the need to have some sort of title or having a certain amount of followers in any platform. I did and will do things because they feel good in the heart and that is good enough reason to help change the world.

Another book I read that has completely changed my life was “Tuesday’s With Morrie” This book changed the way I view my relationships. As I became more verbal in expressing my love and gratitude towards the people I care about. I made sure that they know I am available at all times when needed. Realizing how we don’t have control over time I became more present. 2018 was the year that I actually started being 100% present… or in the ‘now’ as Eckhart Tolle would put it. I believe that I was always anxious about the future and filled with guilt and agony about the past. So I was never really completely here in the now.

One of the best books I have read in 2018 was “The Road Less Traveled”. The more I took care of myself the better I took care of others. It’s not about having the cup full; it’s about keeping it flowing. 2018 was the year I truly started respecting people’s time… I used to be late and never on time…. I started getting ready way earlier and be on spot even prior the time planned. Which made me realize how good it feels and once you value other’s time it truly means you value yours as well. M Scott Peck defined love in his book as “the will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth.” It is not about changing someone but more about helping them realize how great they are. He does mention as well how love is effortful and as long you want the love to last you got to work on it.

I could go on listing all the books I have read and what I have learnt from them. Or how they changed me but I want to summarize 2018 in those few words so I could start mentioning few things I look forward in 2019.

2018 was the year I truly figured out that self knowledge is the best start to begin to understand yourself and others. There is no end in getting to know yourself. I have realized that within 2018 I was never the same person at all times. I have mentioned this before and will always do. We are always becoming. There is no end to that. You can’t just become to a final version of yourself and that’s it. As long as you are breathing you are changing.. it is truly inevitable. Whatever I go through emotionally or mentally it is nobody’s fault. 2018 was the year were I realized that whatever I allow will truly continue. So I started shutting negative people off, I stopped doing things just because others expected me to do so… So I consciously enjoyed the moments of my days… I stopped living my life in an auto pilot mode and started being aware of my feelings, emotions actions….. Which made me realize that I missed a lot in my previous years.

Getting married was the cherry on top. I am extremely grateful for the man I married. And if there is one thing I’d say to him it would be Thank You for being who you are and not what the world expects you to be. 

This chapter is over(2018)as we begin a new one.
2019, I am looking forward the challenges that I may face.
I will focus on the minutes because they make the hour… As the hour makes the day and the day will make my year. For me to have a good year, I need to have better minutes.
I will not list what I will or will not do right now. But whatever I am planning to do I hope it will help me grow mentally, emotionally and physically.
May I be more accepting of others
May I be more forgiving
May I always have things to offer…
May I spread joy, peace and knowledge
May I help create better surroundings for myself, my family/friends and others.

xo, S

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