Broken Heart Syndrome


“Sometimes, miracles are just good people with kind hearts”

   When I first came across ‘broken heart syndrome’, I wasn’t sure if it was a true condition, and I remember thinking that it was probably for the sake of enhancing the drama; nevertheless, I decided to search it – it intrigued me, this syndrome of a broken heart.

   Result: Broken heart syndrome is a medical condition which may be caused by intense emotional stress, such as losing a loved one, or physical stress, and can lead to heart muscle weakening.

   After reading this, I just paused for a second, and wondered how many people might’ve been through a minor version of this syndrome? How many people gave so much out of themselves and were not appreciated? How many people went through this sort of immense emotional stress because they experienced true, tiring loss?

   And loss comes in all sorts of ways – losing a family member; losing a friend you cherished deeply; losing a spouse; losing yourself. It can be quite destructive.

   The human body, its a very literal complex – for instance, when someone says I’m tired, its because their body is signalling to them that it’s time for rest, for restoration. So when someone says they’re heart is aching, or they’re heart is breaking; when they say they’re in pain and they can’t withstand it anymore, believe them, trust them, because they’re masterpiece of a creation is trying to save them, and they’re reaching out for you.

   When someone gets hurt by an unimportant word or action, rarely do we consider the possibility that they’ve reached their limit, their capacity – maybe they’ve been through so much already that there’s very little left they can handle. As such, we should be kinder to our loved ones – appreciate them, care for them, look out for them, protect them, love them beyond measures. Because when you neglect those hearts, when you take them for granted, not only mat you be stressing them to the point of damage, but there will come a day when they walk away – because one’s self is more precious than any other.

   Be the stars that people look for on the darkest of nights; don’t be reckless with other people’s hearts.

   To all those with a good kind heart, as Najwa Zebian says,

“Rest your heart.

It may be able to forgive unconditionally,

but don’t exhaust it by

surrounding yourself with those

who constantly do you wrong.”

رفقاً بالقلوب


Happy Thursday!


Yours Truly,



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